OCR API for Real-Time Data Extraction

Veryfi OCR APIs empower you to seamlessly transform unstructured documents into valuable business insights. Accurate data extraction using deterministic day-1 ready AI models.

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OCR Data Extraction API

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Fintech & SaaS

Fintech & SaaS

Give your applications superpowers with a few lines of code that’ll accelerate time to market and delight customers.

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Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing

Add receipt capture to your loyalty app to accomplish fast purchase validation and acquire cross-basket insights.

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AP Automation

AP Automation

Launch Veryfi in days (instead of months) to eliminate manual data entry and unleash your team’s full potential.

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  • Day 1 Accuracy™

    Veryfi is pre-trained on hundreds of millions of documents and ready on day one, without human intervention.

  • 100% Automated

    No humans in the loop, no additional security or compliance risk.

  • Formatted JSON

    Support for 110+ data fields, with line item details, 38 languages, and 91 currencies

  • Data Transformations

    Veryfi provides standard data transformations such as currency detection, date format identification, barcode and QR code decoding.

  • Document Capture
    Support for document capture via web, mobile, email, and code, for jpg, .jpe, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .txt, .htm, .html, .zip, .heic, .heif, .avif and .ofd.
  • AI Training API
    Implement automatic feedback loops from your UI to Veryfi APIs for AI model training.
  • Logo Detection
    Veryfi uses information in documents (address, vendor name, logo images, etc) to identify vendors and associate the appropriate logo from the Veryfi database.
  • Fraud Prevention
    Automatic duplicate detection including details explaining where duplication occurred, sum check to verify that line items add up to total, and product validity rules, e.g. purchase date is within campaign date range, merchant is a validated campaign vendor.
  • Confidence Scoring
    Accuracy confidence scores are generated for each field in every document.
  • Automatic Data Enrichment
    Veryfi automatically provides: vendor enrichment, business ID lookup, document categorization, line item expansion & categorization, and due date calculation.
  • Standardized APIs
    The API platform is straightforward, with simple GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods for documents and line items.
  • Language-Based AI
    Veryfi uses neural network graphs of characters and words to parse documents and adapt to data field locations, rather than relying on user-defined templates with bounding boxes.

Match made in heaven: Veryfi OCR + Veryfi Lens

To capture physical documents quickly, accurately, and securely using Veryfi Lens document capture frameworks. Veryfi Lens is integrable with any Web Browser and Mobile.

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Lens Mobile Capture Framework

Supported Fields

Extract line item details from supported document types for 110+ fields, 38 languages, and 91 currencies.

  • Vendor/Merchant
    • Name and Raw Name
    • Address and Raw Address
    • Logo
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Website Url
    • Logo
    • Vendor Category
    • Vendor Account currency
    • VAT Number (Value-Added Tax)
    • ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
    • Vendor Registration Number
    • Store Number Name (enriched)
    • Learn more …
  • Dates
    • Invoice Date
    • Due Date
    • Order Date
    • Ship Date
    • Delivery Date
    • Start Date (or arrival in hotel folio)
    • End Date (or departure in hotel folio)
    • Line Item Start Date (service provided dates)
    • Line Item End Date (service provided dates)
    • Learn more …
  • Line-Items
    • Date
    • SKU (Stock keeping unit)
    • UPC (Universal Product Code)
    • HSN (Harmonized System Code/Number)
    • Category
    • Section
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Reference
    • Unit of Measure
    • Price
    • Tax
    • Tax Rate
    • Discount
    • Discount Rate
    • Total
    • Type (food, product, alcohol,..)
    • Weight (eg. kg/lb)
    • Start/End Date
    • Country of Origin
    • Lot number
    • Learn more …
  • Financials
    • Subtotal
    • Discount
    • Cashback
    • Shipping cost
    • Tax (VAT, GST)
    • Tax Lines
    • Tip
    • Total
    • Rounding
    • Currency Code
    • Currency Exchange Rate
    • Insurance
    • Incoterms
    • Balance (current / previous)
    • Learn more …
  • Tax Lines Breakdown
    • Tax name
    • Tax rate %
    • Tax total
    • Tax base
  • Meta
    • Document Type (receipt/check/purchase order/invoice etc)
    • Document Title
    • Category
    • Tag
    • OCR Text
  • Ship To
    • Name
    • Address
    • Tracking Number
    • Ship Date
    • Delivery Date
    • Order Date
    • Incoterms
    • Insurance
    • Weight + List
  • Bank Information
    • Bank name
    • Bank number
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
    • SWIFT / BIC
    • Learn more …
  • Barcodes
  • Payment Method
    • Card Type (eg. visa, mastercard etc)
    • Card Number
    • Terms
  • Identifiers
    • Account Number
    • Invoice Number
    • PO (Purchase Order) Number
    • Reference Number
  • Bill To
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • VAT Number
    • ABN Number
    • Bill to ABN Number
    • Payment Terms
    • Business Registration Number
from veryfi import Client
my_client = Client (). config_receipt ( "api-key" )
receipt_doc = my_client. doc_from_path ( "/path/to/receipt.jpg" )
parsed_receipt = receipt_doc. parse ( "receipt" )
Mobile Capture SDK
$ node server.js && veryfi listen
> Ready! Waiting for requests…
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] 2022-09-04 13:54:57 [200] receipt_data.created
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] charge.succeeded
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] receipt_data.succeeded

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