Veryfi API OCR Platform for Data Extraction

Leap over your competitors with the most advanced and intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) & ICR (intelligent character recognition) data extraction API Platform available on the worldwide market today.

Veryfi’s OCR API extracts and categorizes receipts & invoices in 3-5 seconds.

Long gone are the days when you had to wait for data to be extracted. You can now do it in REAL-TIME using MACHINES with 0 human intervention. Furthermore, meeting compliance is now far easier than with competing solutions that still rely on humans in the loop. Give your software superpowers today!

Veryfi API, Veryfi Lens & Veryfi Email
Restful JSON API

Turns unstructured photos, pdfs & emails into structured data that can be used for bookkeeping & business intelligence.

Powerful Image Corrections

Automatically corrects image distortions like pin & barrel, detects blur & adjusts perspective issues allowing accurate data extraction.


Veryfi Machine Learning Models accurately extract data & categorize documents based on IRS Tax codes or it can use your list categories.

Addon: Veryfi Lens

Veryfi’s custom camera for iOS & Android abstracts the complexity of integration with a drop in binary. Be running in minutes!

Secured by Shield

Data-privacy is a human right. Veryfi security leapfrogs industry standards. AES At-Rest and In-Transit, TLS 1.2 + GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR (Federal) & CCPA compliant et al.

US State Data Privacy Policies in 2019, 2020, 2021

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