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Magically digitize any physical document into stunningly clear scans using an interface so intuitive that even your grandma will surely like.

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Code in any language. Integrate in seconds.

Code in any language. Integrate in seconds.
Mobile Document Capture Framework

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Be your users’ superhero: deliver usability

  • Capture Any Document

    A downwards panoramic capture effortlessly scans longer receipts, longer invoices, longer anything. From sprawling grocery lists to the notoriously lengthy CVS receipts, capture every intricate line item with ease. Long, short, wide, handwritten receipts – we’ve got them all covered.

  • Multi-Document Capture

    Achieve a lightning-fast 4x capture speed, enabling you to snap up to 4 documents in a single instance. For instance, effortlessly capture both a restaurant’s itemized bill and receipt simultaneously, side-by-side, sideways in one photo, do whatever you like.

  • Offline Support for Users

    Whether journeying afar or grappling with internet service woes, rest assured, Veryfi Lens operates offline, ensuring you never overlook the opportunity to capture receipts or invoices. Subsequently, you can confidently discard the paper counterpart.

  • Day-One Ready™
    Banish the agonizing wait for months of development by iOS and Android developers. Your customers aren’t twiddling their thumbs for your grand reveal. You deliver time-to-value for your users and business at this very instant: leverage Veryfi Lens. Pre-trained AI/ML models provide fast, accurate, and secure document capture and extraction.
  • Blur Detection with AI
    Veryfi Lens runs blur checks, warp checks, and manipulation checks to detect fraud. Veryfi OCR API prevents fraud by paying attention to a range of checks, then stops fraudulent documents from being submitted. Your business only scans and pays for non-fraudulent, non-duplicate documents.
  • Auto Torch in Low Light
    Real-time Veryfi Lens computer vision models recognize low light situations and automatically adapts the device’s torch/flashlight to ensure high-quality document capture every time.
  • Document Detection with AI
    Built unlike all competitor document captures: Veryfi Lens detects white receipts against a white background and distinguishes a photo of a cat from a financial document. Maximized detection equals maximized extraction accuracy, allowing pre-trained AI to do its work on the scan.

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What is Veryfi Lens for Mobile

Introducing Veryfi Lens—a transformative code framework for your mobile app, accompanied by a user-friendly interface, designed to empower your mobile app with remarkable document capture capabilities within mere minutes. Veryfi Lens does all the heavy lifting of frame processing, asset preprocessing, edge routing, and the intricate landscape of machine vision challenges inherent in efficient document capture.

Crafted by developers, for developers, Veryfi Lens streamlines the integration process into your application, ensuring speed and simplicity with minimal lines of code. At its core, Veryfi Lens stands as a comprehensive Framework—a self-contained, reusable assemblage of code and resources ready for seamless integration into your application. Engineered in native code, Lens excels in delivering rapid performance, a polished user experience, and optimized memory usage—a triumvirate of qualities that define its essence.