“Veryfi is building the world’s most experienced data extraction expert!”


To build the world’s most experienced data extraction expert, we started with automating bookkeeping using machines end-to-end, and without the restrictions of legacy technology or methods that rely on human intervention.

This is a very hard problem to solve and it’s evident by the burden bookkeepers have with bookkeeping — from data collection to data extraction to GL coding at scale, speed and accuracy.

The success of this approach yielded Veryfi’s highly rated Time & Expense products; powered by the world’s most experienced data extraction expert and used by thousands of businesses to automate their bookkeeping burdens.

Trusted by 30,000+ companies

Veryfi was founded in 2017 by Ernest Semerda and Dmitry Birulia, having helped take Coupons, Inc. (now Quotient Technologies) Startup to IPO (NYSE: QUOT).

Ernest also previously cofounded Medlert (now VectorCare) powering healthcare logistics at Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Stanford Hospital et al. where he saw first hand the importance of data privacy. Data privacy and security are now a part of Veryfi’s foundational pillars.

YCombinator W17 YC ~ Ernest Semerda & Dmitry BiruliaLeft to Right: Ernest Semerda (cofounder) and Dmitry Birulia (cofounder) at Y Combinator (YC W17 Cohort).



Headquartered in Silicon Valley

Veryfi is located in San Mateo (California) with an office in Sydney (Australia). Contact info.


Veryfi is backed by


Veryfi is backed by Y CombinatorVeryfi is backed by Act One Ventures
Zillionize and Victor Orlovski, CTO of Sberbank



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