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∀Docs (Any Documents) solves a $3 trillion-dollar marketwide problem.

In a digital age where data is king, inaccurate data entry is a bottleneck. According to a recent study by McKinsey, employees spend nearly 20% of their time searching for and gathering information from documents. According to IBM, this inefficiency costs businesses an average of $15 million per year in lost productivity and revenue in the forms of errors, inconsistencies, and employees wasting time tracking down accurate information. Businesses and individuals around the world collectively lose $3 trillion every year.

∀Docs resolves these issues, using advanced AI and machine learning to do perfect data extraction for every use case. Veryfi built OCR algorithms and LLMs designed to handle extraction on the full range of structured and unstructured documents. Every field of crucial information can now be extracted. ∀Docs is your passport to seamless data extraction from any document you come across. Imagine the possibilities: effortlessly thorough data entry and enhanced efficiency across your organization. ∀Docs gives you the power to unlock actionable insights both out-of-the-box and customize it to your use case.

Use Cases:



Onboard new insurance clients faster and speed up insurance claims processing using AI-based document processing.

Government Sector

Government Sector

Simplify document-heavy processes from procurement to compliance to records management. Modernize and improve public accessibility.



Automate verification and due diligence processes to better adhere to policies and regulations. Extract credit cards, IDs, paystubs, and more to fight fraud.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Prevent fraud using accurate extraction on nutrition labels, prescription drug labels, cosmetics ingredients labels, and more.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

Simplify reading of records, shipping and receiving notes, and activity logs to prevent revenue losses from human error.

Your industry not listed here?

Your industry not listed here?

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Why ∀Docs?

  • 1. Create extraction magic

    Leverage a large collection of Veryfi design plans (documents) to perform extraction on exactly the fields you need for any kind of document. This includes extraction on documents containing handwritten text, multiple pages, and across varying file types.

  • 2. Speed up production readiness

    Quickly configure ∀Docs for your specific document processing needs, reducing the time and effort required to deploy your software apps.

  • 3. Skip in-house LLMs maintenance

    ∀Docs OCR algorithms are fully trained to provide customers with immediate ROI and continuous extraction improvement. We stress-test, you benefit from all of it.

  • 4. Exercise max security

    ∀Docs ensures that your documents are processed with the highest level of security and privacy compliance (SOC 2 Type 2), keeping your sensitive information safe and protected at all times.

∀Docs (Any Documents) Request
import requests
headers = {
url = “https://api.veryfi.com/api/v8/partner/anydocs/”
response = requests.post(url, headers, json={ “file_url”: “<FILE_URL>” })
∀Docs (Any Documents) Response
“date_of_issue”: “2017-04-14”,
“passport_number”: “963545657”,
“expiration_date”: “2027-04-14”,
“person”: [{
“last_name”: “DOE”,
“first_name”: “JOHN”,
“nationality”: “USA”,
“date_of_birth”: “1996-03-15”,
“place_of_birth”: “CALIFORNIA, U.S.A”
“place_of_issue”: “United States Department of State”

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