Business Rules Engine

AI-driven rules engine that works on top of OCR APIs, enabling you to set rules for extraction. Decide what to focus on and what weed out, so your business can extract the most relevant pieces of data.

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Business Rules Engine

How Business Rules Engine Works

Veryfi’s AI-driven Rules Engine empowers businesses to streamline their operations by customizing and automating data extraction processes through Veryfi OCR. With access to hundreds of fields, this versatile tool allows businesses to define intricate rules tailored to their specific needs, ensuring precise data extraction and interpretation. By leveraging the Business Rules Engine, businesses can effortlessly enforce compliance, optimize workflows, and enhance data accuracy, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and actionable insights. Whether it’s automating expense categorization, enforcing expense policies, or extracting vital information from receipts and invoices, Veryfi’s Business Rules Engine offers a robust solution to drive operational excellence and unlock the full potential of Veryfi OCR. We built this dynamic platform as the digital landscape proves the importance time and time again that businesses need to adapt quickly to evolving circumstances. By providing the flexibility to customize rules based on specific requirements, businesses can optimize processes to suit their unique workflows and objectives. This agility translates into tangible benefits that directly impact the bottom line.

Demo: Business Rules Engine

Guide Data Extraction using Business Rules Engine:

  • 1. Provide Conditions

    Set specific conditions and parameters (document fields, operators, etc) to ensure your data extraction is focused on solving the most lucrative aspects and hardest problems to solve before next steps: validation and processing.

  • 2. Provide Mappings

    Create mappings to precisely tailor data extraction rules, ensuring compliance adherence and optimized decision-making that adheres to your unique business.

  • 3. Automate and Test

    Automate complex decision-making processes, enabling you to execute specific actions based on predefined conditions. This results in streamlined workflows, improved data accuracy, and ultimately, enhanced profitability.

  • 4. Create New Rules

    As new business metrics come up, easily make new rules out of them to ensure data extraction is aligned with business goals.

Using Business Rules Engine with ∀Docs OCR

∀Docs extracts every imaginable document. Business Rules Engine ensures accuracy and focus. Check them out together.

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veryfi anydocs ocr

Process your docs in less time than it takes to read this.

See for yourself.
from veryfi import Client
my_client = Client (). config_receipt ( "api-key" )
receipt_doc = my_client. doc_from_path ( "/path/to/receipt.jpg" )
parsed_receipt = receipt_doc. parse ( "receipt" )
$ node server.js && veryfi listen
> Ready! Waiting for requests…
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] 2022-09-04 13:54:57 [200] receipt_data.created
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] charge.succeeded
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] receipt_data.succeeded

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Veryfi’s AI-driven Business Rules Engine empowers businesses to streamline their operations by customizing and automating data extraction processes through Veryfi OCR.