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Ready-to-Go Out of the Box No Templates No Humans-in-the-Loop Level 3 Data Try It Now

Real-Time Data Extraction API

World's fastest, accurate and secure OCR API with ICR & IDR from Receipts & Invoices down to line-items for expense management and bookkeeping automation. More


Lens: Native Camera SDK

A beautiful camera SDK you can drop-into your iOS & Android app to give your mobile app machine vision and AI superpowers; in minutes. More



AP Automation Toolkit

Level 3 data extraction technology to help you reduce the wholesale transaction rate, or interchange rate for payment processing. More



CPG Loyalty Toolkit

SKU level data extraction technology to gain customer purchase behavior, brand loyalty and business intelligence insights from CPG & FMCG receipts. More


Veryfi Solutions in Detail

Veryfi's modern RESTful JSON API is ready-to-go out of the box. No need for training or setup.
Here is what Veryfi extracts today in seconds:

  • Vendor
    • Name
    • Address
    • Logo
    • Phone
    • Fax
  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax (VAT, GST)
  • Tip
  • Total
  • Rounding
  • Category
  • Payment Method
    • Card Type
    • Card Number
  • Bill To Name
  • Bill To Address
  • Bill To VAT #
  • Document Type (receipt vs bill)
  • Currency
  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Invoice Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Reference Number
  • Company VAT Number
  • Company ABN Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Service Start Date (or arrival in hotel folio)
  • Service End Date (or departure in hotel folio)
  • Account Number
  • Ship To Name
  • Ship To Address
  • Tracking Number
  • SKU level Line Items
    • Date
    • SKU
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Tax
    • Discount
    • Total
    • Unit of Measure
  • Tax lines breakdown
    • Tax name
    • Tax rate %
    • Tax amount
  • Bank information
    • Bank name
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • IBAN
Veryfi Solutions in a Box

Solutions in a Box

Expense Management

Autonomous Inbox to track income and expenses across projects, OCR receipts and sync to QuickBooks and Xero. More



Timesheets Time Tracker

Simplified mobile time sheets employee time tracking and scheduling with Gusto payroll integration. More



Practice Management

Manage the back-office of your accounting practice and automate your clients tax obligations. More



Partner Directory

Access qualified accountants and bookkeepers (trusted advisors) for tax and strategic business advice. More


Customer Stories by Veryfi

Iconic Brand Vermeer Southwest Makes Game-Changing Move Toward Productivity


“It’s the convenience of being able to scan receipts while out in the field [that sets Veryfi apart from the competition]. We are now able to pull reports rather than sort through paper copies of expense reports.” - Tiffany R, Accounts Payable Administrator for Vermeer Sales Southwest.

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Iconic Brand Vermeer Southwest Makes Game-Changing Move Toward Productivity

“Super easy for me to track expenses in a way that does not take hours and hours.”
Consumer Services, Self-employed

"Veryfi's Intelligent OCR (Optical character recognition) made scanning over 2,000 handwritten/printed receipts simple, convenient, and accurate data extraction effortlessly."
Jamie S., IT Consultant

“I love how accurate it is and the speed is amazing.”
Derek P., Business Owner
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