Insurance Claims

Empower your insurance agency with cutting-edge document scanning and processing so your customers never complain about slow claims again thanks to 100% claim submission accuracy and claim matching.

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Insurance Claims

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Embed with Veryfi to allow your customers to precisely scan documents so you can process claims more efficiently.

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from veryfi import Client
my_client = Client (). config_receipt ( "api-key" )
receipt_doc = my_client. doc_from_path ( "/path/to/receipt.jpg" )
parsed_receipt = receipt_doc. parse ( "receipt" )
$ node server.js && veryfi listen
> Ready! Waiting for requests…
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] receipt_data.created
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] charge.succeeded
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] receipt_data.succeeded


  • Provide Ease for the Insured

    Provide Ease for the Insured

    Veryfi saves customers and companies time in transcribing data key for the next steps in processing claims.

  • Reduce Fraud

    Reduce Fraud

    Veryfi prevents fraud by verifying documents’ validity from the moment of capture. Save agency from scams.

  • Drive Adoption of Insurance Apps

    Drive Adoption of Insurance Apps

    Make bundled services simpler to access and use by allowing customers to scan the full range of invoices and documents.

  • Ensure Privacy

    Ensure Privacy

    Veryfi is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, helping you ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance.


  • Pre-Trained AI

    Veryfi is pre-trained on hundreds of millions of documents for Day 1 Accuracy™, without human intervention.

  • Automatic Data Enrichment

    Veryfi automatically provides: vendor enrichment, business ID lookup, document categorization, line item expansion & categorization, and due date calculation.

  • Line Item Details

    Accurately extract line item details from documents submitted by your users.

  • Standardized APIs

    Veryfi RESTful APIs return formatted JSON with consistent labels for extracted data.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security
    Veryfi is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and 100% automated, ensuring that user-provided data stays in your control.
  • Mobile Capture Framework
    Add Veryfi Lens to your mobile app and delight your users with innovative camera features that far surpass the native capabilities of any smartphone.

Veryfi OCR API simplifies insurance claims processing and reimbursements

Discover how the Veryfi OCR API streamlines claims processing by effortlessly capturing and extracting data from a variety of both structured and unstructured documents. This includes reading of insurance cards, ID cards, W2s, receipts, and invoices down to line items, procedure descriptions, and insurance codes across 38+ languages and 91+ currencies. Veryfi OCR API’s advanced machine learning algorithms automatically recognize document types and extract key information like names, addresses, policy numbers, and more with remarkable accuracy. This structured data can be instantly integrated into your workflow, reducing manual data entry errors and speeding up every step of insurance reimbursements and claims processing.

With accurate and responsive OCR, Veryfi OCR API adapts to your business’s specific use cases and line items. This is an invaluable tool for insurance companies seeking to improve efficiency on reading claims, extracting information claims, and gearing up the extracted data for next steps. Veryfi’s continuous AI-driven improvement ensures enhanced accuracy over time, while the real-time processing capabilities make it a game-changer in the world of claims processing. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and embrace the future of document capture and data extraction by allowing your customers to capture documents-for-reimbursements using Veryfi Lens and extract data using Veryfi OCR API. All tasks are automated and working on the backend, so you can ensure your customers get the best experience when they work with your insurance company.