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Instantly extract data from bank checks, for mobile deposits and other financial applications.

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Extract Bank Checks

Bank Check Extraction:

Bank check OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that allows banks and financial institutions to efficiently process and digitize handwritten or printed checks. This technology works by using image processing algorithms to analyze and extract relevant data from the check, such as the payer’s name, the amount of money, the date, and account and routing numbers. Bank check OCR eliminates the need for manual data entry, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors. This technology has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to improve the speed and accuracy of mobile deposit check processing, making it an essential tool for banks and other financial institutions. Bank check OCR uses Veryfi Lens to capture all the aspects and intricacies inside a bank check. Watch this Youtube video to see the process of capturing a bank check using Veryfi Lens and submitting it to Veryfi OCR API for data extraction of the bank check: [ ]

Implementing bank check OCR involves using specialized software that can read and interpret the information on the check. The software typically uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract data from checks. With the help of bank check OCR, banks can process checks faster and with greater accuracy, reducing the risk of fraud and improving customer service. In addition, this technology can be used to store digital records of checks, which can be easily accessed and analyzed, providing valuable insights into customer behavior. Overall, bank check OCR is a powerful tool for banks and financial institutions looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. Learn more about bank check extraction here: [ ]

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  • Automatic Document Detection

    Veryfi Lens includes a computer vision model that identifies bank checks in the viewfinder, greatly exceeding native smartphone capabilities for edge detection.

  • Enhanced Edge Detection

    Distinguish a bank check from its surroundings, including other hard edges and similarly colored surfaces.

  • Automatic Image Enhancement

    Veryfi Lens includes Al computer vision and camera features that optimize image quality to ensure the greatest possible data extraction accuracy.

  • Auto Capture

    Veryfi Lens can be configured to automatically capture an image when a bank check is detected in the viewfinder.

  • Automatic Bandwidth Optimization
    Veryfi Lens will automatically detect current bandwidth available to the device and optimize the size and compression of the captured image accordingly.
  • Auto Torch in Low Light
    The real-time Veryfi Lens computer vision model recognizes low light situations and automatically enables the device’s torch/flashlight to ensure high-quality bank check capture.
  • Blur Detection
    Veryfi Lens returns a boolean value to indicate if a captured image is blurry or not, so that feedback can be provided to the user.
  • Barrel Distortion & Perspective Correction
    The Veryfi Lens computer vision model automatically corrects barrel distortion and perspective skew arising from camera lens and position.

Complementary products from Veryfi to easily add superpowers to your app.

Complementary products from Veryfi to easily add superpowers to your app.


The fastest, most accurate OCR APIs on the market support Bank Checks, Receipts, Invoices, W-2s, and plenty of other documents.

Lens Mobile Capture Framework

Lens Mobile Capture Framework

Mobile framework for enhancing your mobile app’s bank check and document capture capabilities.

Supported Fields

  • Vendor/Merchant
    • Name and Raw Name
    • Address and Raw Address
    • Logo
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Website Url
    • Logo
    • Vendor Category
    • Vendor Account currency
    • VAT Number (Value-Added Tax)
    • ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
    • Vendor Registration Number
    • Store Number Name (enriched)
    • Learn more …
  • Dates
    • Invoice Date
    • Due Date
    • Order Date
    • Ship Date
    • Delivery Date
    • Start Date (or arrival in hotel folio)
    • End Date (or departure in hotel folio)
    • Line Item Start Date (service provided dates)
    • Line Item End Date (service provided dates)
    • Learn more …
  • Line-Items
    • Date
    • SKU (Stock keeping unit)
    • UPC (Universal Product Code)
    • HSN (Harmonized System Code/Number)
    • Category
    • Section
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Reference
    • Unit of Measure
    • Price
    • Tax
    • Tax Rate
    • Discount
    • Discount Rate
    • Total
    • Type (food, product, alcohol,..)
    • Weight (eg. kg/lb)
    • Start/End Date
    • Country of Origin
    • Lot number
    • Learn more …
  • Financials
    • Subtotal
    • Discount
    • Cashback
    • Shipping cost
    • Tax (VAT, GST)
    • Tax Lines
    • Tip
    • Total
    • Rounding
    • Currency Code
    • Currency Exchange Rate
    • Insurance
    • Incoterms
    • Balance (current / previous)
    • Learn more …
  • Tax Lines Breakdown
    • Tax name
    • Tax rate %
    • Tax total
    • Tax base
  • Meta
    • Document Type (receipt/check/purchase order/invoice etc)
    • Document Title
    • Category
    • Tag
    • OCR Text
  • Ship To
    • Name
    • Address
    • Tracking Number
    • Ship Date
    • Delivery Date
    • Order Date
    • Incoterms
    • Insurance
    • Weight + List
  • Bank Information
    • Bank name
    • Bank number
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
    • SWIFT / BIC
    • Learn more …
  • Barcodes
  • Payment Method
    • Card Type (eg. visa, mastercard etc)
    • Card Number
    • Terms
  • Identifiers
    • Account Number
    • Invoice Number
    • PO (Purchase Order) Number
    • Reference Number
  • Bill To
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • VAT Number
    • ABN Number
    • Bill to ABN Number
    • Payment Terms
    • Business Registration Number
OCR API Platform
from veryfi import Client
my_client = Client (). config_receipt ( "api-key" )
receipt_doc = my_client. doc_from_path ( "/path/to/receipt.jpg" )
parsed_receipt = receipt_doc. parse ( "receipt" )
Lens Mobile Capture Framework
$ node server.js && veryfi listen
> Ready! Waiting for requests…
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] 2022-09-04 13:54:57 [200] receipt_data.created
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] charge.succeeded
2022-09-04 13:54:57 [ 200 ] receipt_data.succeeded

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