Lens Intelligently Fixes Receipt Data Mistakes

January 11, 2021
2 mins read
Lens Intelligently Fixes Receipt Data Mistakes

    Veryfi’s Data Capture & Data Extraction comes with smarts you will fall in love with. Veryfi AI analyzes each receipt and invoice you scan and corrects for human errors to make sure that the data you retrieve for your expense report or for business intelligence is precise and presentable.

    Some of these smarts you will notice immediately include;

    • Auto rotating receipt which have been captured the wrong way around ie. scan a receipt upside down and watch it get auto rotated the right way up.
    • If you made a mistake on the total calculations when handwriting the tip then no worries. Veryfi AI will catch this and correct the mistake in the data extraction (JSON file).
    • If an invoice total line items do not add up to the line-items then Veryfi AI will also catch this and make the correct adjustments.
    • Reading handwriting? Yes Veryfi AI can do that too.
    • Image blurred because you moved the device too fast in a room with low ambience? No worries. Veryfi Lens will catch this before you get a chance to submit it for data extraction.

    Mistakes happen. It’s the nature of living in a busy life style.

    Don’t worry. Veryfi AI has your back.

    Veryfi AI

    Veryfi Lens for Your App

    If you have an app and want to deliver these benefits to your customers then reach out on sales@veryfi.com to test drive it. PS. You will need an activate OCR API account to test drive it.

    Receipts OCR & Expenses App

    To experience the power of Veryfi AI, grab a copy of Veryfi’s https://www.veryfi.com/expense-management/ for your mobile device and see it for yourself. Every new account just requires an email address to test drive it.