1. Veryfi is 100% powered by machines

Today, bookkeeping in small businesses starts off like this:

1- The old school pen & paper approach. On average this costs a business owner 8 hours of their time per month.
2- When Cashflow allows, most implement software that requires a bookkeeper to operate. That software uses a farm of mechanical turks to do data entry.

As a business owner you now have a human cost, software cost & a privacy issue.

So, let’s fix this.

3- And introduce intelligent, secure, simple to use modern mobile software which automates data entry & uses machine learning to replace human labor end-to-end.

Just like driving a car, at Veryfi we believe an exceptional business needs to react & adjust to changing conditions in realtime on a secure platform. Not at the end of each month when a bookkeeper arrives to close the books.

Veryfi is now your bookkeeper in your pocket.

2. Veryfi works with your Accounting software

Veryfi connects and sends all the extracted meta data inc. pictures of receipts to your favorite accounting software in real-time or using rules based workflow. Veryfi supports the following accounting integrations:

3. Veryfi is built for Teams

Veryfi is perfect for Teams in the field. Veryfi allows you to connect the field and office providing financial stakeholders the data they need in real-time.

This is achieve using Veryfi’s highly ranked mobile-1st apps. As a stakeholder, you give your team Veryfi mobile apps to record time & materials and then sit back and watch all that data stream in real-time into your Veryfi command center (aka hub web app).

Read how Mahogany Builders eliminated 1 day per week of bookkeeping using Veryfi’s solution.

4. Veryfi improves productivity & saves time

Time is money. Veryfi’s sophisticated vision and machine learning proprietary algorithms work 24×7 to eliminate Bookkeeping Data Entry, Categorization & Reconciliation. On average a small business can save a day per week of human labor when Veryfi is deployed across the organization.

5. Veryfi is the Safest option on the market

At Veryfi, your privacy and security are our No. 1 concerns. We protect your data using state-of-the-art-software and hardware that is unmatched in the industry. Here’s how we care about your data-privacy and security https://www.veryfi.com/engineering/extra-layers-of-security-at-veryfi/

If you want to learn whether the product you are currently using uses machines or humans, you can:

(a) Read their privacy policy. With GDPR now in full force companies have to come clean. If you see anything written about “data extraction teams” then run. Here is Veryfi’s Privacy Policy.
(b) If the app takes longer than 10 seconds to read an invoice, receipt et al. Machines are super fast. There is no excuse why it should take longer than 10 seconds when self-driving cars make thousands of decisions based on billions of data points from LIDAR every second.
(c) Google the company name followed by “turks” or “mechanical turk” or “data extraction teams”. It’s amazing what you can find with a good google search.

6. Veryfi’s extracts data in real-time

Veryfi is 100% machine powered back-office. This means from the time you scan to the time the app responds is seconds. Not minutes or hours. Seconds. Like 3 seconds on a LTE connection. Veryfi apps optimize and compress images based on your internet connection which further optimizes for speed.

Just like driving a car, at Veryfi we believe an exceptional business needs to react & adjust to changing conditions in realtime on a secure platform. Not at the end of each month when a bookkeeper arrives to close the books.

7. Veryfi gives you exceptional human customer support

Veryfi’s “no bull” approach to customer support means we pair your customer enquiries with a real human based in Silicon Valley who uses the product on a regular basis. This means you get to speak to a person that can help you immediately. You won’t be passed on to someone else or someone that reads a script. Speak with us, use the in-app Chat feature or email us on support@veryfi.com

8. Veryfi has no no storage fees or hidden costs

Storage has became ridiculously cheap (see graph) and so we see no reason to charge you for storage of your receipts or include upload limitations on our plans. Veryfi plans are “all you can eat”. Enjoy uploading unlimited receipts, generating unlimited reports etc.

Say “NO” to those that want to fool you into paying their overpriced storage fees when you are not buying storage.

9. Veryfi is getting better every day

Whether it’s the feedback/star rating you leave on iTunes or email or any online forum; we hear you. And we act fast. We don’t just say we will do it and never do, we actually execute. We release new versions of our mobile apps every 2 weeks with new features & bug fixes because we want you to have the best experience possible.

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10. Veryfi is ❤️’ed by users

Perfect for busy people!
Welcome to the future

Great experience
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Read all about the amazing success our customers have had with Veryfi in our Customer Stories section.


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