Landlord Vision uses Veryfi to free busy landlords from admin tasks

April 3, 2020
2 mins read
Landlord Vision uses Veryfi to free busy landlords from admin tasks

    Landlords are busy. They have a unique responsibility to their communities to keep the homes they own in working order, which means they can never take their foot off the pedal. Landlords juggle so many different priorities at once that managing their time is crucial. The innovators behind Landlord Vision in the UK know this as well as anyone because they too are landlords and they built a software solution using insights gained personally from years of experience managing properties while staying organized and within the law.

    With all this in mind, it made perfect sense for Landlord Vision to adopt Veryfi’s API solution for its customers. Both platforms are a natural fit, with a commitment to help people free themselves of mundane tasks to focus on more important work.

    “Veryfi was the complete package, providing API access, OCR and data extraction that’s fast, accurate and cost-effective.”

    Amer Siddiq, Founder of LandLord Vision

    Like many Veryfi customers, Landlord Vision wanted to offer its clients a simple method for keeping track of bills and receipts and ultimately importing them into the Landlord Vision platform. Without such a solution, Landlord Vision would have lacked an essential time saving feature. And like many of Veryfi’s customers, Landlord Vision quickly realized that Veryfi is the only solution available that’s 100 percent powered by machines and offers API access.

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    Prior to working with Veryfi Landlord Vision did not have an integrated receipt solution, so customers would have to manually enter expense details. Company reps immediately recognized that the API integration proved by Veryfi to be an important automation function.

    “The whole integration process was quick and painless and the Veryfi technical team were very responsive with our questions, which helped us get from first contact to production pretty quickly.”

    Amer Siddiq, Founder of LandLord Vision

    Since fully launching with Veryfi, Landlord Vision clients have an expense management platform that’s incredibly, fast, reliable, and secure when it comes to data extraction and reconciliation. And this has further put the company ahead of the curve because all of its competitors rely on third-party accounting platforms that require a separate subscription.

    “Landlord Vision features a built-in accounting engine with a bank reconciliation facility allowing customers to match transactions with bank statements. By automating the data entry for bills and receipts, our customers can enjoy the same functionality that is only available in top accounting solutions.”

    Amer Siddiq, Founder of LandLord Vision