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Author: Ernest Semerda
Document Types Veryfi OCRs

Most of the information to make better decisions sits inside your company’s documents. Data in your documents is the new oil. Using the Veryfi Platform, you can now find meaning in these unstructured documents in seconds.

Veryfi AI is pre-trained to extract a wealth of data fields from the following documents in seconds without the human in the loop or extra work. Throw a document image, pdf or email against the Veryfi API and tap into a goldmine of data that can be used for a myriad of use cases.

Commercial Documents


Save 10 mins of data entry per invoice. Untap a goldmine of data down to line-items.

Bill of Lading

Increase efficiency and reconcile bills of lading with other financial documents.

POs (Purchase Orders)

Capture and extract a goldmine of data from commercial documents in your enterprise resource planning system.

Hotel Folios

Supercharge your travel & expense management product with a wealth of data minus the tedious data entry.

Receipt Documents

Expense Receipts

Eliminate painful and tedious document capture and data entry of your business expenses.

FMCG/CPG Receipts

Extracts SKU line-items from retail receipts so you can understand consumer spend across vendors.

HSA/FSA Receipts

Healthcare benefit accounts are regulated by the IRS. Keep track of your receipts while complying with new data privacy regulations.


Tax Documents

W-2 Tax Form

Extract every drop of tax data from W2s in seconds. Including handwritten notes, checkboxes and multi-lines.

W-9 Tax Form

Extract every drop of tax data from W9s in seconds. Including handwritten notes, checkboxes and multi-lines.


Credit Cards

Securely capture and extract KYC data from a credit card picture in seconds.

Business Cards

Digitize business cards in seconds with a snap then export it into your CRM.

Insurance Cards

Eliminate medical bill errors by using Veryfi’s HIPAA compliant capture and extract platform.



Best of all, we are just getting started!