Credit Card Extraction on Mobile

March 4, 2022
2 mins read
Credit Card Extraction on Mobile

    Securely capture and extract data from a credit card picture in seconds using a flavor of Veryfi Lens for Credit Cards πŸ’³ directly on your mobile device instantly. βš‘οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

    No API calls required. It’s all done on your customer’s device.
    And it works on cards with embossed, debossed and flat print.

    Fields Extracted

    • Credit Card Number
    • Credit Card Type (Issuer)
    • Credit Card Expiry
    • Credit Card Name
    • Credit Card Verification Value (CVV)

    Cards Supported

    Veryfi Lens for Credit Cards supports data extraction from all credit cards in circulation. Below are some of the major credit card that Veryfi Lens also supports for data extraction:

    • American Express: 53.7M cards in circulation
    • Bank of America: 55.6M cards in circulation
    • Barclays: 16.6M cards in circulation
    • Capital One: 99.7M cards in circulation
    • Chase: 92M cards in circulation
    • Citibank: 70.8M cards in circulation
    • Discover: 57M cards in circulation
    • Mastercard: 231M cards in circulation
    • Navy Federal Credit Union: 3.7M cards in circulation
    • Pentagon Federal Credit Union: 0.6M cards in circulation
    • PNC: 5.4M cards in circulation
    • USAA: 8.0M cards in circulation
    • U.S. Bank: 22.3M cards in circulation
    • Visa: 336M cards in circulation
    • Wells Fargo: 24.9M cards in circulation

    Developer Friendly

    • Few lines of integration code to integrate the native framework into your code base.
    import VeryfiLens
    let CLIENT_ID = "XXX" // replace XXX with your assigned Client Id
    let AUTH_USERNAME = "XXX" // replace XXX with your assigned Username
    let AUTH_APIKEY = "XXX" // replace XXX with your assigned API Key
    let URL = "XXX" // replace XXX with your assigned Endpoint URL
    let veryfiLensCredentials = VeryfiLensCredentials(clientId: CLIENT_ID,
    	                                              username: AUTH_USERNAME,
    	                                              apiKey: AUTH_APIKEY,
    	                                              url: URL)
    let veryfiLensSettings = VeryfiLensSettings()
    veryfiLensSettings.blurDetectionIsOn = true
    VeryfiLens.shared().configure(with: veryfiLensCredentials, settings: veryfiLensSettings)
    • Cross platform support for React, Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin and ionic.
    • Super small footprint ~15 MB.

    Headless Demo

    GitHub Demo Code

    Veryfi Lens Headless is a framework for your mobile app to give it document capture superpowers in minutes.

    Let Veryfi handle the complexities of frame processing, asset preprocessing, edge routing, and machine vision challenges in document capture. We have been at this for a long time and understand the intricate nature of mobile capture. That’s why we built Lens. Veryfi Lens is built by developers for developers; making the whole process of integrating Lens into your app fast and easy with as few lines as possible.

    Veryfi Lens is a Framework: a self-contained, reusable chunks of code and resources you can import into you app.

    Lens Headless is built in native code and optimized for fast performance, clean user experience and low memory usage.


    1. All credit card data extraction is done On device. There are no cloud/API calls. No data or cache is stored on the device. You are in good company.
    2. Veryfi is SOC2 Type2 certified (contact us if you need to see the report)

    For more details contact or signup for a 14 day free trial.