Business Card Data Extraction

June 13, 2022
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In Japan, presenting a business card, or meishi, is a time-honored ritual. The exchange involves specific, formal requirements for holding the card, receiving the card, saying thank you and taking other actions that show respect and gratitude. Many other countries, such as China, Korea and Columbia, also have cultural expectations around business card etiquette.

The West doesn’t treat business cards with the same formality. But, the act of giving and receiving business cards continues to play an important role in Western business culture. Of course, many companies and individuals now use digital business cards. But digital cards can’t replace the hand-to-hand, personal exchange of paper cards, especially in international settings.

Veryfi’s AI-driven mobile app instantly digitizes paper business cards, eliminating the need to manually enter the crucial contact data on the card. Veryfi Lens provides significantly higher speed and accuracy than manual data entry, instantly capturing the structures of business card.

What Are Business Cards?

Business cards are a compact way of advertising a person, product or service. They conveniently provide contact details to potential clients and business associates. They’re also an essential tool in a company’s overall brand strategy. 

The design elements selected for a business card, such as the company logo, typeface and background image, help the company and its representatives stand out from the crowd. Well-designed business cards increase brand recognition at trade fairs or conventions and make new connections memorable after meetings or seminars.

Standard business cards are printed on 3-inch by 2-inch (89 mm x 51 mm) card stock. But digital printing technologies have popularized odd-size business cards, including square business cards. Digital printing also allows for unique visuals, such as color bleeds or metallic effects.

What Information Is Common for Business Card Data Fields?

Business cards are highly customizable, and companies can choose to include as much or as little information as they wish, depending on their brand strategy and organizational structure. Veryfi’s AI-driven data capture populates common fields such as:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Individual’s name
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Professional titles or positions
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Email address
  • Business URL
  • Personal or business address
  • Academic degrees
  • Company motto or slogan
  • Professional licenses
  • Professional certification numbers
  • Secondary address
  • Map or GPS coordinates
  • QR code

What Is a Business Card Scanning App?

A business card scanner makes uploading data from paper business cards, in volume, easier than typing that data. A business card scanning app can extract, classify and translate multilingual data from paper business cards via the device’s internal camera. Once the business card scanner has extracted the data, users can import the data into their contact manager or a CRM system.

Why Use Veryfi’s AI-Driven Solution for Business Card Data Extraction?

Entering business card data by hand is tedious and time-consuming for the sales team and other key employees. Old fashioned scanners will digitize the data but often lack the intelligence to recognize structure and data fields. Typical optical capture recognition (OCR) platforms offshore data extraction to human assistants, but this does nothing to improve accuracy or efficiency.

The Veryfi Lens mobile app enables iOS and Android devices to instantly and accurately capture and extract data from business cards. The Lens app reads both embossed and unembossed printed text using OCR technology, driven by AI, to capture more than 80 data points in a few seconds.

Veryfi Lens eliminates the human data entry while boosting efficiency and lowering the costs associated with data extraction. Furthermore, Veryfi uses top-level encryption to protect sensitive data. The Veryfi Lens solution is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA requirements.

AI-Powered OCR Instantly and Accurately Extracts Printed DataA Safe, Secure Way to Share Contact DataExceptional Product and User Experience
Verify Lens instantly captures business card fields. Its pre-trained AI technology eliminates humans from the loop and the inevitable human errors. Best of all, a simple user interface makes digitizing business cards fast and easy for end-users.Verify uses high-level encryption to protect data, meeting all requirements for SOC2 Type 2 compliance.Capterra, a Gartner company, has recognized Veryfi with its highest user review score (4.9/5) and the only perfect ratings score (50/50) of any product in its category.

Learn how your company can benefit from fast, accurate and secure business card data extraction from Veryfi. Sign up for a free trial and start scanning those business cards, in volume, today.

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