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Veryfi Lens (document capture)

Veryfi Lens (document capture)

Magically digitize any document into stunningly clear scans using an intuitive interface for document capture. Use Lens for Mobile App and Lens for Browser to scan any document and gear it up for accurate data extraction.

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Veryfi OCR APIs (document extraction)

Veryfi OCR APIs (document extraction)

Veryfi OCR APIs empower you to seamlessly transform any document into extracted data and business insights, using deterministic day-1 ready AI models. Only OCR in the world that extracts over 39 languages and 91 currencies. Use Veryfi globally.

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Be a superhero: deliver amazing document capture

  • Automatic Document Detection

    Veryfi Lens Mobile Capture Framework includes a computer vision model that identifies documents in the viewfinder, greatly exceeding native smartphone capabilities for edge detection.

  • Enhanced Edge Detection

    Distinguish a document from its surroundings, including other hard edges and similarly colored surfaces.

  • Automatic Image Enhancement

    Veryfi Lens Mobile Capture Framework includes Al computer vision and camera features that optimize image quality to ensure the greatest possible data extraction accuracy.

  • Long Receipt Capture

    Veryfi Lens includes a unique long receipt capture UI and Al image stitching model that enables users to intuitively pan down a long receipt, rather than taking multiple pictures.

  • Auto Capture
    Veryfi Lens can be configured to automatically capture an image when a document is detected in the viewfinder.
  • Automatic Bandwidth Optimization
    Veryfi Lens will automatically detect current bandwidth available to the device and optimize the size and compression of the captured image accordingly.
  • Auto Torch in Low Light
    The real-time Veryfi Lens computer vision model recognizes low light situations and automatically enables the device’s torch/flashlight to ensure high-quality document capture.
  • Multiple Document Capture
    Veryfi Lens can capture multiple documents in a single image, and includes feedback that can be used to request user guidance on document organization.
  • Secure On-Device Credit Card Capture
    All credit card image processing and data extraction is performed entirely on the device, without being sent over the internet, providing PCI data u003ca href=u0022/security/u0022u003esecurityu003c/au003e.
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) and Mobile Web Apps
    Veryfi Lens includes tooling to build u003ca href=u0022/news/lens-for-web-now-available/u0022u003ePWA and mobile web appsu003c/au003e with innovative capture features, no app download required.
  • Blur Detection
    Veryfi Lens returns a boolean value to indicate if a captured image is blurry or not, so that feedback can be provided to the user.
  • Barrel Distortion & Perspective Correction
    The Veryfi Lens computer vision model automatically corrects barrel distortion and perspective skew arising from camera lens and position.

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