February 2, 2018
3 mins read

Is Veryfi suitable for my business?

Our mobile-first bookkeeping is perfect for any industry


In healthcare when dealing with PII (Personally identifiable information) you need a secure HIPAA compliant system for expense management. Veryfi is your best choice. Veryf is HIPAA and GDPR‎ compliant. All your PII data is encrypted & safe in the Veryfi Cloud Vault (VCV).

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Property Investors

Maximize the value of your income property. Veryfi helps you bring together all your investment property data in one place. Veryfi enables property owners to make informed decisions about their investments. Export CSV from AirBnB and import via Veryfi Web app.

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Uber & Lyft drivers

Veryfi is for Uber Drivers

Take control of your on-demand business. As a driver you already know that you are responsible for your own taxes. But did you know you can claim your drives & expenses to reduce your taxable income by $15,000? This means more money in your pocket. Veryfi has apps for receipt expense management & mileage tracking to get you maximize your tax deductions.

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Taxes can be confusing and downright miserable. 29 millions eligible Americans miss out on a tax break worth up to $6,318… each year! Don’t become that statistic. Let Veryfi give you superhero powers to do more business and less accounting by automating the boring parts of your bookkeeping so you can maximize your tax deductions.

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Small Businesses & Startups

Veryfi helps you do more business and less accounting by automating the boring parts of bookkeeping. Veryfi is very safe & very fast (real-time). You can even invite your Team to track your organizations expenditures esp. those on the road. (a) meet your tax obligations to the tax office, (b) maximize your tax deductions and (c) put an end to the monthly burden of manual data entry, general ledger coding & reconciliation.

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Your work isn’t easy. But managing it should be. Veryfi has everything you need to boost your firm’s efficiency. And industry leading mobile apps for your client needs. Check out Veryfi’s Accounting Practice Management platform to manage all your clients from a secure & modern platform.

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in addition to helping our internal processes and communication, have the added benefit of helping us attract and retain top talent who want to work for an organization that seeks and deploys useful technology like yours..
Wesley Crocket, Director of Operations at Mahogany Builders

We needed to know how profitable each job was. This would enable us to provide better training to sales and understand where we needed to focus our efforts as a business.
Bill W – Managing Director at Eco Irrigation

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