Texas Landscaper Turns to Veryfi to Focus Business Targets

March 29, 2018
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Texas Landscaper Turns to Veryfi to Focus Business Targets

    We needed to know how profitable each job was. This would enable us to provide better training to sales and understand where we needed to focus our efforts as a business.

    Bill W – Managing Director
    Eco Irrigation

    Eco Irrigation grew from humble roots in 2004 to the value-driven landscaper and irrigation systems installer it is today. Serving the the Austin, Texas area, the company also offers many other services such as rain harvesting and water storage systems and general yard maintenance.

    With a staff of 42 and dozens of jobs going on at once, Eco Irrigation found itself in quite a predicament when it comes to accountability. “We wanted to better be able to know how profitable we were for each job,” says Bill Winsor, the company’s managing director. “We hadn’t had a lot of success identifying all costs associated with specific jobs.”

    The problem was something we hear all the time at Veryfi: receipts get lost or improperly filed.

    So Eco Irrigation went digging for a solution. Their main objectives were to improve overall operational processes while gaining efficiency, focusing on better training, and holding leadership accountable for performance. Getting a handle on these objectives would lead to increased profitability and growth.

    Eco Irrigation Team
    Eco Irrigation Team

    Bill decided to tap into his network to see if anyone had a solution, and that’s how he connected with Veryfi. He needed a system that would generate accurate reports and be simple for employees to use and access. It also needed to come at the right price.

    So far one of the best features for Eco Irrigation is the ability to categorize expenses based on the job they are related to, which was a major issue for Bill and his team before Veryfi. Now they have a much more accurate picture of expenses.

    Veryfi “gives us greater visibility to which of our services are worth pursuing and which are maybe something we need to consider getting out of,” Bill says.

    Without Veryfi, Eco Irrigation would never have fully understood with jobs were profitable and which were not so they could better focus their resources and attention on the money makers.

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