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Your work isn’t easy. But managing it should be. Veryfi has everything you need to boost your firm’s efficiency. And industry leading mobile apps for your client needs.

Cloud is Yesterday. Mobile & Automation is now. And Veryfi is built by Silicon Valley veterans around a mobility with intelligent automation that’s constantly learning from your engagement & improving results. You should demand the best. We want to give you the best.

Manage your practice and access clients’ books
Discounted software and services for you and your clients
Gain exclusive benefits (billing options, revenue share etc)
Unlimited support inc. training & data migration
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We simplified your client communication

As an accountant you feel the pains of communicating with your clients. From communicating important business activity statement (BAS) dues to income tax return reminders. It is a lot of work. If you want to share some important news like your monthly newsletter, email no longer cuts it. The industry open rate for email newsletters open rate is 20% with a 2% click rate (source). But, don’t worry, the team at Veryfi has a solution for you.

Veryfi gives you Superhero Powers!

No waiting — real-time processingReliable software — always works!Your Data is Safe & Secure
Veryfi extracts data from your receipts & bills under 10 seconds guaranteed. Veryfi is machine powered end-to-end. You can truly throw away your paper receipts.Veryfi is built by Silicon Valley veterans with focus on ease of use, data security, and software reliability. Veryfi allows you to do everything on-the-go and in context, even offline.Your data & identity is safe with Veryfi. Unlike our competitors, there are no humans looking at your financial and personal data. All data is also encrypted in transit and at rest.
Automate data collectionReach your clients fasterNo bull human support
Distribute powerful mobile tools to your clients through Veryfi Hub & collect all their financial data in real-time turning it into tidy financial reports.Veryfi Hub empowers you with Communication tools like SMS and Cloud Messaging to improve open rate of all messages from 2% to 98%.Veryfi comes with Premium Support direct to our office, not outsourced. This means you speak with people that understand your business and the product.

Give your clients the right advice!

You might not know this but many companies in this space use cheap human labor to transcribe your receipts. This means your Uber home address, transaction history, credit card and bank information is exposed. If you care about your clients then make the right decision. Read more about this from the press below:

Expensify sent images with personal data to Mechanical Turkers, calls it a feature

Expensify CEO says its ‘automated’ service is ‘proud’ to use humans to process receipts

TL;DR from YCombinator Hacker News: “Expensify’s deceptive mechanical turk army may have resulted in me coming within seconds of losing $30k, and almost certainly leaves them exposed to massive liabilities as they wantonly give away personally identifiable information to low-paid contract workers that are not bound to confidentiality.”

The other companies not yet exposed but doing the same thing as Expensify breaching PII include:
Shoeboxed. Xero, Coupa,, Hubdoc, Datamolino, Ibotta and Receipt Bank.

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