Our ecosystem team is excited to announce we are offering developers the opportunity to apply for early access to the Veryfi RESTful API. The same API used by all Veryfi mobile and web products. The Veryfi API enables you to quickly and easily build apps, bots and integrations that can be used by your teams, or published to the Veryfi Marketplace to make them available to other companies using Veryfi.

Veryfi Benefits

  • Dedicated Support from our Silicon Valley office,
  • Continuous Updates & Improvements without any additional costs,
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant platform. This is a platform you can trust with PII.
  • Veryfi is a Market Leader. Delivering unparalleled real-time processing of any financial documents within seconds powered 100% by machines. Scouts honor. Anyone else making such claims with delayed processing is blowing smoke with human labor augmentation (also known as data extraction teams – ready their privacy policies).

Technical API Spec

  • RESTful API using JSON for data exchange and versioning system for legacy support,
  • Accessible across 4 Geographies to reduce latencies,
  • Unlimited Document Storage with edge server infrastructure,
  • Unlimited OCR Level5 processing,
  • Image distortion & perspective correction algorithms,
  • 100% powered by machines end-to-end. Unlike others, we do not believe in using cheap human data extraction or augmentation teams offshore. We value your data-privacy.
  • 99.98% up time. Veryfi’s micro-services architecture is built on cloud infrastructure with full automated blue/green deployments, automatic scaling and orchestration.

API includes

  • Verify Real-Time OCR which turns unstructured documents into structured data in 3-5 seconds flat. It’s crazy fast.
  • Veryfi Machine Vision understand vendor logos and can detect all the data points on most documents even hand written tips,
  • Veryfi Machine Models know how to label data into the right slots, categorize documents based on country’s tax rules, identify currency and bubble up new insights,

Interested? Early API access seats are limited.

Request Veryfi API Access and you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

If you have any questions related to this early API access experiment please contact support@veryfi.com


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