Our ecosystem team is excited to announce we are offering developers the opportunity to apply for early access to the Veryfi RESTful API. The same API used by all Veryfi mobile and web products. The Veryfi API enables you to quickly and easily build apps, bots and integrations that can be used by your teams, or published to the Veryfi Marketplace to make them available to other companies using Veryfi.

About Veryfi Platform

(a) HIPAA compliant platform. You can trust us with your PII.
(b) Unlimited document storage and processing. We use proprietary compression algorithms to reduce & shard assets without any loss in quality so we can deliver you this benefit.
(b) Powered by machines end-to-end. Not humans. We do not use humans or augment anything or anywhere in the process with humans. All PUT calls to owner’s documents feed the Veryfi models to reinforce the learning through Veryfi neural nets.
(c) Market leader. Veryfi is the only company in this space capable of delivering real-time processing of any financial documents within seconds! Scouts honor. Anyone else making such claims with delayed processing is blowing smoke with human labor.
(d) 99.98% up time. Learn more about our fully automated cloud infrastructure.
(e) Price TBD.

API includes

(a) Verify’s proprietary real-time OCR which turns unstructured documents into structured data in 3-5 seconds flat. It’s crazy fast.
(b) Veryfi Machine Models with continuous reinforced learning from app engagements
(c) Veryfi EYES Engine – vendor logo recognition and document detection (even when held in hand) to be used with custom camera,
(d) Veryfi DEFT Engine – tax focused categorization of documents includes document weight index.

If you are a developer who builds apps please get in touch with us using the link/form below.

Register for Veryfi API access

If you have any questions related to this early API access experiment please contact support@veryfi.com


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