“Simple RESTful API that directly interfaces with the Veryfi neural networks – a document in, a JSON with data fields out. Simple.”

Same API that powers all Veryfi Products

  • Real-time OCR turning unstructured images into structured data. No waiting or processing queues.
  • Unlimited Document Storage with edge server infrastructure.
  • Reads hand written Tips.
  • Veryfi Image Correction (VIC) fixes image distortions, blur & perspective issues.
  • 100% machine-powered backoffice. No human augmentation or injection anywhere.
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant grade security. We value your data-privacy.
  • 99.98% up time. Veryfi’s micro-services architecture is built on cloud infrastructure with full automated blue/green deployments, automatic scaling and orchestration.
  • Dedicated Support from our Silicon Valley office.
  • Continuous Updates & Improvements without any additional costs. Our machine models are updated every 2 weeks.

Veryfi is a market leader. Delivering unparalleled real-time processing of any financial documents within seconds powered 100% by machines. Scout’s honor. Anyone else making such claims with delayed processing is blowing smoke with human labor augmentation (also known as data extraction teams – read their privacy policies to see).

Results in 3 seconds. See it in action.