Nabisco vs. Ferrero: Clash of the Cookie Titans

December 4, 2022
3 mins read
Nabisco vs. Ferrero: Clash of the Cookie Titans

    Despite how slowly we’re moving after Thanksgiving, in celebration of National Cookie Day we bring you this latest installment of Veryfi Insights, pitting two titans of the cookie industry against each other: Nabisco vs. Ferrero. If you missed our last “battle of the brands” article featuring Kraft vs. Hormel, we didn’t pull any punches when it came to our analysis.

    Nabisco vs. Ferrero

    What is the most popular cookie brand in the U.S.?

    Yes, it’s true – Oreo is America’s favorite cookie brand, excluding private label products. You can now dunk your oreos in milk and eat an entire row with the additional peace of mind in knowing you’re not alone. We’re right there with you, along with 43% of Americans that have finished a whole row of Oreos…in one sitting.

    While Oreo cookies may hold a special place in your heart, you may not know that they are actually a knock-off of Hydrox cookies, which were launched 4 years ahead of Oreo, in 1908. Hydrox is a classic cautionary tale of how a bad brand name can doom a product, no matter the strength of its merits.

    Nabisco Oreo

    Well, Kinder chocolate products from Ferrero are more popular than any cookie brands except Oreo. So, are Chocolates > Cookies? The data we used in this Nabisco vs. Ferrero analysis is inconclusive, but the question begs a closer look in a future Veryfi Insights post. Maybe we’ll be able to see America’s true love for chocolate in an article around Valentine’s Day?

    Ferrero Kinder

    Ok, chocolate makes sense, but…crackers?

    You may be surprised to learn that RITZ Crackers from Nabisco are more popular than any cookies except Oreo. Given how many creative recipes there are for a modest (admittedly flaky-delicious) cracker, perhaps it’s not so surprising after all.

    Nabisco Ritz Crackers

    Chocolate chip cookies: America’s favorite cookie

    54% of Americans prefer homemade cookies, and 65% prefer a chewy cookie. Unsurprisingly, America’s favorite cookie is chocolate chip. Out of the cookie brands, Nabisco Chips Ahoy! is the most popular chocolate chip cookie, more popular than Nutella from Ferrero (but not Kinder, see above). Chips Ahoy! Is also far more popular than Royal Dansk, Famous Amos, and Mother’s Cookies from Ferrero, and even further ahead of Tate’s cookies, another Nabisco brand.

    Nabisco Chips Ahoy!

    Nabisco vs. Ferrero: other bite-sized bits of information

    We’ve seen earlier that Ferrero’s chocolates can go toe-to-toe with Nabisco’s cookies. But how does Nabisco vs. Ferrero play out in other food categories? Sour Patch candy from Nabisco is more popular than Nerds candy from Ferrero. However, Tic Tac breath freshener from Ferrero is more popular than Halls throat lozenges from Nabisco.

    A deep dive into Nabisco crackers

    After RITZ crackers, the popularity ranking of other Nabisco cracker brands included some surprises: Triscuit > Honey Maid > Wheat Thins > Saltines. Many of you may have guessed that Honey Maid would emerge as the runner up (“first loser”, according to Ricky Bobby). They are the foundation of any good s’more, after all.

    Perhaps it’s also surprising that Triscuit is more popular than Wheat Thins. It’s totally conjecture, but that could be due to the difference in brand names. Triscuit is a single word, related to “biscuit”, which usually would engender positive emotions and cravings. Wheat Thins is two words, and “thins” implies that it’s either a diet food or maybe doesn’t offer as satisfying an experience as a biscuit. Food for thought….

    Nabisco vs. Ferrero: The view from Mt. Olympus

    With the clash of two food industry titans like Nabisco vs. Ferrero, we’ve seen that each company has formidable strengths. Nabisco is a mighty giant of the cookie business, and Ferrero is a cunning chocolatier wielding some of the most beloved chocolate brands in the world. Both companies deserve a place atop Mt. Olympus, above the clouds, among the most iconic food and beverage companies.

    Nabisco vs. Ferrero: U.S. Brand Popularity