The Last Mile: Sonim Interview with Veryfi

April 22, 2019
2 mins read
The Last Mile: Sonim Interview with Veryfi

    Ernest Semerda (cofounder at Veryfi) sat down with Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim to discuss the Partnership between the 2 companies, and how it going to revolutionize the Construction industry.

    Who is Veryfi

    Veryfi, Inc. is a California, US-based mobile software automation company founded in December 2016 and backed by Y-Combinator inc other prominent investors in Silicon Valley. Veryfi helps Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) workforce of all sizes to get access to Veryfi’s smart mobile tools to eliminate 90% of time wasted doing data entry (& chasing records), improve job costing and empower their financial prosperity.

    About Sonim

    Sonim Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of ultra-rugged mobility solutions designed specifically for task workers. Veryfi is listed on the Sonim Marketplace.

    Construction bookkeeping

    Q. What problems or pain points does your solution solve?

    A. The construction industry is the 2nd least digitized industry in the US yet it accounts for 10% of the US GDP. By digitizing construction, we can improve field worker productivity and empower the office with field intelligence data to make better and faster business decisions.

    Pictured above: For a construction company like Mahogany Builders based in Chicago (US), Veryfi has;

    • Saved the CFO a day per week of manual labor work and headaches reconciling and doing data entry into their accounting platform.
    • For the company stakeholders, provided transparency across their projects for better and faster decision making.
    • For the field team it’s the convenience. No more lost paper receipts. No more forgetting to clock in or out. And after work, no more catching up on data entry for T&M, now they get to go home and have dinner with their families.
    • For the foreman, it’s visibility over where their team is at the very moment, what challenges they need assistance with and project status.

    Veryfi allows you to live like a human and let the software automate many facets of construction bookkeeping.

    Integrating Sonim XP8

    Q. Why did you want to partner with Sonim?

    A. To digitize an industry where a large % of the workforce is in the field you need more than software. You need a mobile platform to run that software on.

    Ernest’s prior experience in health tech taught him the importance of having the right tools. That’s where Sonim comes in. From dual sims to provide coverage no matter where the field team is working on to a super long battery life that’s perfect for gps heavy products and a device the field workers can trust to run the Veryfi software on.

    It’s a perfect marriage of hardware with software.

    Ernest Semerda (Veryfi Cofounder)

    Learn more about Veryfi software on the Sonim XP8 here


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