Artificial Intelligence vs Intelligent Automation: Upload .HEIC files directly from your phone to the Veryfi OCR API Portal

March 28, 2024
4 mins read
Artificial Intelligence vs Intelligent Automation: Upload .HEIC files directly from your phone to the Veryfi OCR API Portal

    In the world of data processing and automation, two key concepts often come up: artificial intelligence and intelligent automation. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually represent distinct approaches to technology-driven decision-making and task execution. At the forefront of this technological landscape is Veryfi, a leading provider of AI-powered document processing solutions.

    Let’s clear something up: document processing equates to data extraction. Because data extraction is done on documents, the market terminology is intelligent document processing. The automation of the extraction process then, is called extraction automation or document automation. Veryfi API Portal was created to allow you to experience amazing data extraction, which is OCR. One of the latest capabilities offered by Veryfi is the ability to upload .HEIC files (i.e. stands for High Efficiency Image File Format which is the space-saving standard image format that currently iOS is standardized on) directly from your phone to the Veryfi API Portal, which opens up a world of possibilities for seamlessly inputting data extraction into your workflow.

    Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation

    Before diving into the new capability, let’s differentiate between AI and IPA. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. This involves learning, reasoning, and self-correction. In the context of Veryfi APIs that perform data extraction, AI is used to recognize and extract data from various types of documents, such as receipts, invoices, and IDs. Intelligent automation (also formally known as intelligent process automation or IPA), on the other hand, combines automation with AI technologies. It focuses on using machines to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Intelligent process automation (IPA) and Robotic process automation (RPA) are also closely connected in the context of data extraction through the automation of document processing tasks. Whereas RPA focuses on automating repetitive, rules-based tasks, IPA goes beyond traditional automation by incorporating elements of cognition including AI, natural language processing, and machine learning.

    Veryfi OCR API Portal’s New Capability: Uploading .HEIC Files to the API Portal

    With the latest update from Veryfi, users can now upload .HEIC files directly from their phones to the API Portal. This feature streamlines the process of integrating document processing into your mobile applications and workflows. .HEIC files, a format commonly used by Apple devices for images, can now be seamlessly processed using Veryfi’s AI algorithms. This capability is a testament to the power of intelligent automation. By leveraging AI technologies, Veryfi has enabled users to extract data from documents with speed, precision, and reliability, all while simplifying the integration process.

    How It Works

    To upload .HEIC files to the API Portal, users simply need to access the upload functionality in their mobile application or workflow. The API Portal provides a secure and efficient way to transmit files to Veryfi’s AI engine, where the data extraction process takes place. Once processed, the extracted data is returned to the user for further processing or analysis.

    Benefits for API Portal Users

    • Seamless Integration: By allowing direct upload of .HEIC files, Veryfi has made it easier for API Portal users to integrate document processing into their mobile applications.
    • Improved User Experience: Thanks to intelligent automation, API Portal users can now enjoy a smoother and more efficient document processing experience, thanks to the user-friendly upload process.
    • AI-powered Data Extraction: Thanks to Veryfi’s AI, users can expect accurate and reliable data extraction from .HEIC files, ensuring the integrity of their data.
    • Intelligent Automation Produces Actionable Data Insights: Perfect data extraction comes with ease in deriving data insights. API Portal Users can now download the extracted, structured data files (in JS0N) and use them towards next steps whether that’s research, storytelling, or dicing and splicing to figure out revenue opportunities.

    Use Cases and The Why

    The capability to upload .HEIC files directly from your phone to the API Portal opens up a multitude of use cases across various industries. For example, in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, Veryfi customers Pepsi and Danone enable their loyal followers to upload receipts via mobile. This not only simplifies the rewards redemption process, but also allows brands to gather valuable data on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. That data is what CPG brands are after. Veryfi provides the end-to-end data collection software.

    Mobile is the preferred method for CPG loyal followers to upload proofs of payment and redeem rewards due to its convenience and accessibility. According to statistics by AppAnnie and AirShip, mobile apps and mobile-native interactions such as texting garner near 40% higher engagement rates compared to other modes of interacting with consumers. This makes mobile the ideal platform for interacting with existing and potential consumers. By leveraging Veryfi’s capability to upload .HEIC files, brands can enhance their mobile apps and provide a seamless experience for their customers. See how one of the world’s most popular CPG brands Pepsi drives their loyalty programs using Veryfi.

    This capability points to a significant advancement in the realm of document processing and automation. It showcases the power of Intelligent Automation and demonstrates Veryfi’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for its users. Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate document processing into your mobile application or a business seeking to streamline your workflow, this new capability offers a host of benefits. Explore the possibilities with Veryfi’s AI-powered document processing solutions today.

    Starting using AI and IPA to get amazing extraction results by creating a free Veryfi OCR API Portal account. Welcome developers: check out the API Documentation to see how turnkey, out-of-the-box software can work for your business. Book a session with Veryfi to figure out your use cases.