August 2020 Release Notes

September 1, 2020
2 mins read

Release ID: VRN202008-1

If you have any questions related to these releases or found something not working as expected then please email ~ Thank you.


Veryfi API is a RESTful service for real-time Data Extraction & Data Transformation. Learn

  • Correction of common OCR errors e.g. occ tax -> occupancy tax et al.
  • Expansion of common OCR text eg. cooupncy -> occupancy et al.
  • Expansion of abbreviations for CPG receipts on SKU level. eg. “strbry ygrt” becomes “strawberry yogurt” et al.
  • Improvement of normalization and word corrections for line_item_description
  • Improvements for AED and Israel receipts (Hebrew language)
  • Fix for ABN when ABN validation service isn’t responding / failing.
  • New fields for Service Start Date and Service End Date on line item level
  • New field vendor_bank_swift  is now on its own, used to be part of vendor_bank_number


Veryfi Lens is a Mobile SDK + Camera UI for accelerating mobile application data extraction. Learn

  • Veryfi App and Veryfi Lens for Partners now has CPG Receipt and FMCG support. The new feature allows your customers to capture those long receipts in one snap just like taking a panoramic photo yielding a single stitched photo of your CPG receipt.

Expense Management

Inbox to track income and expenses across projects, OCR receipts and sync to QuickBooks or Xero. Learn

Web App

Version v20.08.

  • Caching algorithm that improves the load times of tags, payment types, categories, cost codes, currencies, customers, projects and vendors.
  • Custom date ranges filters memory which remembers your last selection.
  • Advanced filters on all tables (also allow users to find documents that have no category/payment type/etc assigned).
  • Performance improvements in saving document details and table refresh now ~50% faster.


Version 2.3.3 shipped to iTunes.

  • Capture camera (Lens) upgrade with Document Types: Long Receipt (BETA), Receipt, Bill & Other. Let us know what you think about the new CPG (long grocery) receipt stitching option.
  • New algorithm which allows the capture of 2 receipts in the 1 camera view/picture splitting out into multipage PDF document.
  • Fixed Total with 0 not sticking.


Version 2.2.6 shipped to Google Play.

  • Various performance improvements.
  • Newer, more powerful devices can now detect 2 receipts at the same time.
  • ReFreshed camera experience.

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