Quarter 3-2021 Release Notes

October 14, 2021
4 mins read
Quarter 3-2021 Release Notes

    1. API v8 is in Beta

    • Version 8 abandons 1/0 style booleans for a more traditional true/false style of boolean.
    • Booleans in responses have also been moved from the 1/0 style to true/false.
    • In v8, when confidence scores are enabled and a field is not found on the document by the Veryfi AI, that field’s value is set to null.
    • Version 8 introduces pagination to GET requests. This provides control over how many documents are returned per search query and allows for short response times when a query results in a large number of documents.

    Detailed look at API v8

    2. Lens

    2.1 What’s New

    • Veryfi Lens is now available on Maven for Android and CocoaPods for iOS. (Documentation available inside the Veryfi Hub)
    • Support iOS15 and Xcode13 iOS Lens
    • Support for Java11 Android Lens
    • Support for Android 12 API 31
    • New tflite Models (improved detection in lighter backgrounds, better blur detection, more accurate stitching, better architecture and speed increases around 20%!)
    • New Camera Technology (CameraX for Android CameraX has been heavily optimized for performance and size)

    Handsfree Capture

    0 Click capture. When scanning a receipt, no need to press any buttons to grab the document. Veryfi AI will do that now for you.

    By default this feature is off but you can active it inside Lens > Settings by opening the More Dropdown menu (shown below) under “Handsfree Document Capture”.

    New Voice Capture

    A new smoother document capture experience when using Veryfi handsfree.

    Speak the vendor name, total cost, any tags or notes and let Veryfi handle the rest converting the expense into an actual receipt.

    Improved Encryption

    Improved Encryption Algorithms and exposed Veryfi’s compliance and certification with common security models.

    You can see this inside Lens under Shield from the More Dropdown (shown below).

    2.3 Plugins

    If you built your app using React Native or Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) and need a fast way to integrate Veryfi Lens, then we have you covered with Plugins built by Veryfi to bridge your app with Lens.

    React Native

    React Native is an open-source UI software framework created by Facebook, Inc.


    Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework created by Nitobi and now owned by Adobe Systems. Also known as PhoneGap.

    Let us know

    If there’s a plugin you need to bridge Veryfi Lens with your app then let us know by contacting support@veryfi.com

    3. Status Page

    Now you have a quick and easy way to receive updates on system performance issues real time without contacting IT specialist. We hope this page will always stay green and you won’t receive ANY announcements and alerts about interruption of service. But if you do, you will know what’s going on immediately and what we are doing to fix it.

    Go to the link. below and SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES (see screenshot) to never miss a beat.

    API Status 🟢 https://status.veryfi.com/

    4. Service Level Agreements

    Veryfi SLA helps you Scale

    Want priority in customer support?
    Looking for help how to scale your organization using Veryfi tools?
    Need dedicated infrastructure to run Veryfi APIs in for more control?

    Sounds like you need an SLA plan.

    Your account manager will use a bug tracking system which ensures those pesky bugs are easily detected and squashed. At Veryfi we love using Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence for this purpose. Whilst we aim to resolve all customer issues in a timely manner, SLA customers will always get a priority.

    If you do not have an SLA with Veryfi and would welcome such an addition to your experience, please reach out to us by replying to this email or sending a g’day message to support@veryfi.com

    5. SDKs for API

    An SDK is a set of tools (pre-written code) for third-party developers (you) to use in your producing application/s using a particular framework or platform like the Veryfi API. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to engage with an API because all the heavy lifting of authentication, abstraction, etc… are all taken care of for you in the language you work in. We are happy to announce, C# and Ruby SDKs have been added and published in the API portal.

    6. Questions?

    Email us at support@veryfi.com or schedule a 1:1.

    PS. Don’t forget to subscribe to 🟢 https://status.veryfi.com/ Notifications.