Onboarding Checklist for Veryfi

March 5, 2019
3 mins read
Onboarding Checklist for Veryfi

    This checklist assumes you have already registered for Veryfi and are logged into the Veryfi hub. You can also watch a video of this checklist to get familiar visually.

    TIP: Print this page so it can be used as a checklist.

    1. Default settings

    Verify that all the default settings are ok. Make changes where appropriate to your personal and company settings like taxes, timezones, company information, security lockdown etc..

    Where: Left Menu > Settings

    Video on Profile Settings

    Video on Company Settings

    2. Identify your veryfi.cc email collector

    While inside your Profile Settings, add your ___@veryfi.cc email to your address book and read how to handle digital receipts with Veryfi. And also set up auto-forwarding rules for your bills and receipts.

    Note; the veryfi.cc is only used to collect digital receipts/bills. Your username is used to Logon to ALL Veryfi services.

    Video on Emailing your Receipts, Bills & Invoices to Veryfi

    3. Add Payment Types

    Doing this improves the accuracy of payment (cash, credit card bank account) OCR identification from a receipt/invoice at the point of receipt capture.

    Where: Left Menu > INBOX > Payments

    Video on Payment Types

    4. Cloud accounting integration

    Explore available accounting app connections you can use to extend Veryfi with. Veryfi supports QuickBooks Online, Sage, Xero and Saasu.

    For convenience, when you 1st connect QuickBooks or Xero to Veryfi, you will get the option (during integration setup) to use your own Categories.

    Where: Left Menu > Connected Apps

    Video on QBO Integration

    5. Backups

    Veryfi supports integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc as a secondary backup medium for all your business financial documents.

    Where: Left Menu > Connected Apps

    6. Download mobile apps

    Receipts OCR & Expenses Mobile App
    Timesheets Time Tracker Mobile App

    Note: Enabling mobile permissions is an important step during its 1st time use. Make sure you understand why we ask for camera & location services. Turning them off will impact your Veryfi experience.

    7. Collect your first receipt

    Learn how how to use Veryfi’s native mobile apps inc custom camera with auto receipt detection, image corrections & super-fast 3 second document processing, extraction & categorization.

    Video on Scanning your 1st Receipt

    Video on Veryfi Mobile App

    8. Sync bank feeds

    Veryfi comes with support for bank feeds reconciliation, right out of the box. Veryfi can fetch data from ~10K worldwide banks. Our Bank Feed Partner is Yodlee, the leader in structured data feeds holding formal business relationships with the largest financial institutions.

    Video on Importing Bank Feeds

    Video on Bank Reconciliation

    9. Schedule your free complimentary 1:1 training

    Save time and accelerate your onboarding with a 30 mins 1:1 walk through of Veryfi web and mobile apps. Don’t forget to bring your questions to the call. All we ask is that you have watched the videos mentioned in this guide.

    Schedule a 1:1 Demo

    10. Get $15 in Veryfi credit

    We love feedback so we can continue building a product that meets your needs. If you leave feedback on Capterra then let us know and we will give you $15 credit towards your Veryfi account.

    Customer Stories by Veryfi


    11. Add your Team

    Add Your Team to gain a financial transparency across your organization.

    Where: Left Menu > My Team
    How: Inside My Team, from the Tab (as pictured) press “+ Team Member” to open team onboarding form. Fill out the form and press the blue submit button. They will be sent an invite email with next steps.

    Video on Adding Teams in Veryfi

    12. Invite your CPA or bookkeeper to manage your documents

    Invite your Accountant or Bookkeepers to empower them with finance visibility and health of your business. This helps reduce exchanging paperwork and communicating the state of your business via email or phone.

    Where: Left Menu > My Team
    How: Press “+ Invite Accountant” to open accountant invite form. Fill out the form and press the blue submit button. They will be sent an invite email with instructions on why they got that email and next steps.

    13. Limit Team Categories

    To avoid category overload or confusion, you can control who on your team sees what Categories.

    Where: Left Menu > My Team
    How: Press “Team Categories” Tab to refine who sees what categories. By default Categories are available to everyone in your team.

    14. Learn about Project Management & TimeSheets in Veryfi

    A detailed step by step walk through on how to setup Projects and get started on using Timesheets by Veryfi.

    Video on Project Management & Timesheets

    Customer Stories by Veryfi

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