How to Invite your Accountant into Veryfi

How to empower your CPA / CFO with real-time access to your Veryfi financial data 

Invite your CPA

Why give access to your CPA / CFO to your Veryfi data? To empower your accountant or bookkeeper with real-time access to your financial data so they can play a bigger role in your business success. Forget the old school methods of doing this. No more sending or faxing paper documents at the end of the year. With Veryfi your accountant will be able to:

(a) See all your company’s documents (receipts, invoices, bills et al) in real-time 24/7 through the hub,
(b) Be able to contact you using in app cloud messaging and SMS,
(c) Run reports on your business to gain insights & provide you regular advice,
(d) Play a more active role in your business through financial advisory.

How to invite your Accountant or Bookkeeper

  1. Login to your web portal
  2. From left menu, press SETTINGS,
  3. On the right hand side press “Invite my Accountant” tab
  4. In the presented fields (as shown below), fill out your accountant’s name & email then hit SEND INVITE button.
  5. Done. Your accountant will receive an invite to join your Team. Their name will show up in MY TEAM.
    1. Note: Accountant user is FREE. You will not have to pay for their seat.

Once your account is linked to their, they will get access to Veryfi’s Accounting Practice Management.

Accounting Practice Management

Accounting Practice Management (screenshot pictured below) is the name of the software your accountant will use to access your data. Once they have signed up, they will be able to see your company in their “Clients” list (accessible from left menu).

Veryfi's Accounting Practice Management

To learn more about Accounting Practice Management software for CPAs & CFOs please share this link with your accountant:


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