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Human Support

Veryfi employees who work on Veryfi are also the ones who will support you. This means superior human support by the people that know the product. Nothing is outsourced; You are in great hands!


All products above are available on iOS, Android and Web. This means you have access to information 24×7 on any device you may be using whether on road or in the office.


Veryfi Shield protects your Personally identifiable information (PII) by not exposing your data to any Human-in-the-loop (HITL) or offshore extraction teams. Learn more who and what to avoid.

Data Extraction

If it’s on the invoice or receipt then Veryfi API extracts it into a structured format with line item detail in seconds. See full list of fields extracted.

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Common Questions

Additional FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Do you offer additional support, an SLA or a dedicated account manager?
Yes. Please reach out on to discuss your needs and explore options. Our free self-serve support covers product support, initial 1:1 training and access to FAQs. If you require additional support then please contact us.
Can you help me automate my practice?
Yes. We offer professional services for modern accounting firms looking to automate and improve efficiencies. Our clients have seen operational efficiency improvements up to 100% and a reduction in manual labor. Please contact and we can go over the Veryfi OCR & Categorization API and a host of other services to help you modernize your practice.
How long does it take for Veryfi to process my client’s documents?
Instant. No waiting or processing queues, instant data extraction without templates, vendor identification from logos, trained tax categorization and fort knox security. Veryfi achieves this feat through the use of machine powered backoffice with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) backed by world’s best machine models.
Is initial Veryfi training included in my free trial?
Yes. We’ll not only help you set up your Veryfi account, we’ll even train your employees on how to use it. Schedule your 1:1 call with the Veryfi Team in our Silicon Valley office. Additional professional services support options are also available.
Is Veryfi Secure?
100% Yes. Veryfi is CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Our data extraction is 100% machine powered so only you and your accountant (should you invite them) ever see your personally identifiable information (PII) data. Security at Veryfi describes more granular measures we put in to protect your data-privacy.