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Mobile, Web, Tablet & Watch
Limited (12 month only) Document Storage
Simple Reporting with CSV export option only
Queued Email Support
HIPAA & EU General Data Protection compliant

If you don’t need to manage your expenses & income and only want the Logbook app to keep track of your mileage then this solo plan is for you.

Veryfi Automatic Drive Detection (VADD) to always guarantee accuracy
Veryfi Machine Learning Engine (VMLE) to automate your workflow
Veryfi HIPAA-Compliant Vault (VHCV) protects you & your data
UNLIMITED Drives per Month Free (Free version has 30 per month)
Web App/Portal access ( to your mobile data because sometimes a larger screen helps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. *Do you have corporate / enterprise seat discounts?
A. Yes. Please Schedule a call.

Q. Can I claim Veryfi subscription on my tax
A. Yes, if your purchase is for business use. If you are a landlord, self-employed, or a business owner then you can claim the subscription fee against your taxes.

Q. Does the logbook app come with Prime plan?
A. Yes. When you purchase a Prime subscription you get the $3 logbook app as well bundled under the single $15 subscription fee.

Q. Do you have Accounting Practice Management tools for Accountants or Bookkeepers?
A. Yes. Please check out our Accounting Practice Management offering specifically made for you.

Q. *Does Veryfi handle AirBnB transaction ledger imports?
A. Yes. Read our AirBnB Guide on how to merge your AirBnB ledger with Veryfi ledger.

Q. Will you be around next year?
A. Yes. We are professional business based in San Mateo (California). Apart from being profitable we are funded by amazing investors from Silicon Valley. If you are local or in the area, come and say G’Day (one of our founders is Aussie).

Q. Who are some of your customers?
A. Microsoft, HP, McKinsey&Company, Maser, Envestnet Yodlee, Y Combinator, Shell, Qantas, Century 21 and many more spread across USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Check out our Customers Testimonials section for more insights into why users love Veryfi.

Q. What distinguishes Veryfi from competitors?
A. We use machines end-to-end, not humans. You might find this surprising but others do not. They use cheap labor to “process” your receipts/documents. This is why they have a delay after you upload a document. We do not.

We believe in your privacy and identity safety and will never expose your financial documents to other humans. With Veryfi you can truly throw away your receipt. Also, our enhanced security, admin controls, and collaboration tools give you the peace of mind to work efficiently. Read Why Veryfi for more detail.

Q. How much document space does my team get?
A. Unlimited on paid plans. 12 month limit on FREE plan. We do not charge per document stored.

Q. Do you have any discounts for Veryfi Enterprise?
A. Yes! We have volume discounts as well as discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Q. What is the “14 days test drive”?
A. When you 1st subscribe to Veryfi app you will automatically get the PRIME plan. This means you get to experience Veryfi value in full utility for 14 days free. After the 14 days free trial ends, you will have the option to: (a) stay on our FREE STARTER plan. No action is required on your behalf. OR (b) upgrade to one of our paid plans. Read more.

Q. Do you have a partnership/co-label distribution program?
A. Yes. Please Schedule a call.

Q. Is your OCR/ML API open for consumption?
A. No but we do give access to the API on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested, please schedule a call.

More FAQs @ Help Center


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