Curious about whether Veryfi syncs with your Sage One account? The short answer: yes, it most certainly does.

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Sage One is a family of online accounting and business services for small businesses which integrates seamlessly with Veryfi. You can send expense data to Sage One anywhere and anytime using your Veryfi app on mobile or Apple Watch. Keep reading to get acquainted with the process, then let our machines do the rest of the work.

Step by Step Sage One integration

Follow these simple steps below and your Veryfi and Sage One accounts will be connected in no time.

1. Inside the Veryfi app, navigate to “More > Connected Apps”.2. From the list, press “Sage One” to begin the integration process.
Veryfi Connected Apps
Veryfi Sage One Integration

3. A prompt will ask you to log in to your Sage One account. (Rest assured when using Veryfi, your information is safe and encrypted (AES) over HTTPS.)

4. After logging in, another prompt will ask you to allow Veryfi to send your receipts autonomously. Press “accept.” Another option will show you where your expenses will be placed and how they should be handled for tax purposes. Press “OK.”

5. You will see a “thank you” screen indicating that Sage One is now connected.

If at any time you would like to disconnect Sage One, just go back to the Connected Apps screen and uncheck the box next to the app icon.

SAGE tag

Now that your accounts are synced, remember this rule for using Veryfi with Sage One: In order for a receipt to end up in Sage One, it must be tagged with “SAGE.” This is to ensure that only relevant receipts are sent to Sage One.

Tagging receipts is simple and effective, and you can check out our tips here.

Sage inside Veryfi Web App

Once Sage is integrated, all those SAGE tagged documents will be “automatically” sent to Sage.
The way you can tell a Document has been sent to Sage is by looking at the Connected Apps lit up against each document. The screenshot below demonstrates what you will see inside the Web App. Same setup exists inside the mobile apps.

Documents view showing Sage Connected App

Fast, reliable, secure

Veryfi is run by machines, not humans. We believe automation is the key to accuracy, safety, and privacy. And these machines understand your expenses and the data on receipts, making them 100% accurate.

And when you use Sage One with Veryfi, we don’t store any of your login credentials. You will log in once and establish a secure connection to Sage One. All communication is done over a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL), and you will see a security bar on your device during the app connection process.

About Veryfi

Veryfi is a Y Combinator company part of the W17 cohort. Located in Sunny Silicon Valley downtown San Mateo founded by an Australian, Ernest Semerda, and the 1st Belarusian to go through YCombinator, Dmitry Birulia.

Veryfi provides mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant bookkeeping software that empowers business owners by automating the tedious parts of accounting through AI and machine learning.

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