What is Veryfi? Veryfi is mobile-first bookkeeping software that empowers business owners by automating the tedious parts of accounting through AI and machine learning. Welcome to the future!

1. Register – it’s free and has many benefits.

2. Download mobile apps – install Veryfi mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Watch, Android or Web.

No strings attached. Get the mobile apps from the app store. Then use the email address you registered with in step #1 to login.

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PS. Mobile permissions are important. Here’s why. Make sure you understand why we ask for camera & location services. Turning them off will impact your experience.

3. Read Veryfi Knowledge Base – also referred to as our blog where we constantly update & add new howto articles.
PS. If you need help migrating data from another provider please let us know.

4. Invite your Team – Veryfi is better together when your team is also onboard. Invite them now.

5. Invite your accountant – Empower your CPA or finance controller with 30K feet view of your business health.

6. Add a Connected App – to extend Veryfi with accounting (Sage, Quickbooks, Xero, Saasu), cloud storage (Dropbox, Box etc) and or productivity (Slack, Office365 et al).

7. Provide us feedback – we want to hear from you 🙂 note: how to provide Veryfi team feedback

8. Enjoy!

PS. If you want to schedule a demo please contact us for a free complementary demo / training session.

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