Auto-Rotate Receipts using Veryfi OCR API

March 31, 2020
2 mins read
Auto-Rotate Receipts using Veryfi OCR API

    Tired of bookkeeping? Having to constantly fix misaligned receipts for expense and tax reporting? No worries. Veryfi has your back.

    Upload a receipt that’s on an angle (not portrait mode) for Veryfi data extraction and Veryfi OCR API will auto-rotate it for you in real-time so it’s facing up in portrait mode. Fixing the direction of your receipt hasn’t been this easier before. Now you can generate pretty reports with receipts all facing the right way up.

    It’s that easy. Along with the auto-rotate Veryfi will also auto-crop the background noise from the receipt and even separate more than 1 receipt on a page into multi-page receipts in seconds. Technology is wonderful right.

    How it works

    Step 1: Find Receipts in need of Rotation
    Step 2: Drag & Drop it into Veryfi OCR API Portal for Processing
    Step 3: Done! Let’s Take a Look
    Perfect! Receipts Rotated facing upright.

    Veryfi is the only expense management and OCR API provider on the market with this level of intelligence you can trust and enjoy.

    Available NOW for all Veryfi Customer Accounts & OCR API Partners.

    See it in action

    Why Veryfi OCR API

    1. Opens Doors to New Business Opportunities: Snap2Pay, Invoice Analytics, Real-Time Audits, InSights & Real-time Bookkeeping etc…
    2. Economical Pricing: Ideal for scaling businesses and those wanting to dramatically reduce cost. Especially during these economical times of COVID-19. If you need to reduce backoffice costs then look no further.
    3. Superior Accuracy: 27% * human vs. 3% AI error rate

    [* Bloomberg BNA] Human Errors: the Top Corporate Tax and Accounting Mistakes

    Available per request. Please contact


    About Veryfi OCR API

    Veryfi OCR API helps you leap over your competitors with the most advanced and intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) & ICR (intelligent character recognition) data extraction API Platform available on the worldwide market today. Veryfi OCR API extracts and categorizes receipts & invoices in 3-5 seconds and with accuracy raters that surpass human interventions.

    Long gone are the days when you had to wait for data to be extracted. You can now do it in REAL-TIME using MACHINES with 0 human intervention. Furthermore, if your business is trading in California you can now comply with CCPA and HIPAA for healthcare.

    Give your software superpowers today!

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