Money Saving Tips

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Author: Helen Birulia
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On the first day of Christmas we’re saving more money! We’re singing a different tune as we approach the new year. In honor of “12 days of Christmas”, we wanted to gift you 12 tips to help you save more money in 2018.

We believe one of the best gifts you can give is education (aside for saving time and money through automating your annoying and burdensome expense management process ?)


***We’re going to continue to update this article every day for the next 3 days***


Bag of Goodies

Tip 1 – Maximize Your Home Office Deductions
Tip 2 – Maximize Your Automotive Deductions
Tip 3 – Deduct Startup Costs
Tip 4 – Time is Money. Be more productive!
Tip 5 – Network with other Entrepreneurs
Tip 6 – Outsource small projects
Tip 7 – Set money saving goals!
Tip 8 – Automate
Tip 9 – Deduct education expenses
Tip 10 – Deduct phone expenses
Tip 11 – Maximize Self-employed deductibles
Tip 12 – Track every expense


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