Tip 6 – Outsource small projects

December 18, 2017
2 mins read
Tip 6 – Outsource small projects

    As an entrepreneur, you’re inevitably going to wear many hats. It’s easy to overextend yourself in the name of quality control — like a kid in a candy store, you want to touch everything. Eventually that mentality will have negative consequences, so learning how to edit yourself is key. It’s important to consider outsourcing. Draw the line when the quality of your output is substantially under par. It will cost more money down the line to mend damage done from bad experiences.

    If a project falls far outside your core competency, outsource it.

    This helps you avoid wasting resources, as that distracted energy compounds over time and takes you away from tasks you’re better suited for. Outsourcing is a great time- and money saving tactic until you have enough runway to afford a full-time hire.

    Try a platform like Upwork, which gives you access to tons of talented professionals all over the world who can help complement your efforts.

    As you begin outsourcing, keep these tips in mind:

    Seek at least 3 bids per project

    Weigh your options to select the most cost-effective choice. Getting multiple bids helps you better understand what you need and how to efficiently accomplish your goals.

    Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

    Communication is a vital part of working with contractors. Transparency will help move the project along faster and assure that both parties are content with end result.

    Create a contract

    This presents a good opportunity to discuss deliverables with your contractor. Get on the same page so both parties agree on what success looks like. Having a legal agreement is a smart way to ensure both parties are held accountable.