Mindee vs Veryfi

February 21, 2022
2 mins read

Mindee vs Veryfi

Today, consumers have many choices when it comes to selecting software to use. The wrong product at the right price often ends up being a disaster. With choice comes noise. A noisy world of software is challenging to navigate and feel comfortable with a decision. At Veryfi, we understand that and want to make your experience choosing the right software to automate your workload and make you more productive, a breeze. This post is intended to help you compare Veryfi vs Mindee and make the right decision.

Mindee Veryfi
  Mindee transforms documents into usable data. Veryfi is a market leader in real-time Data Extraction from Receipts, Invoices and other financial documents.
Quality of Data Extraction
(see head to head test drive below)
Below Satisfactory Outstanding
Speed of Document Processing (Time to Value) Seconds Seconds
Extracts Line-Items (inc. SKUs) No Yes
Global Currency Detection Choppy Yes
International Taxes (GST, HST, VAT) Yes Yes
Annotations/API For ML Training No Yes
Fraud Check APIs (AP & CPG) No Yes
Data Enrichment No Yes (Vendor Detail, Logo Detection etc)
Credit Card Extraction No Yes
Mobile (iOS & Android) Frameworks No Yes
Mobile SDKs No Yes (React Native, Flutter & Cordova)
Email Capture No Yes
Server SDKs No Yes (SDKs for Go, Python, C#, Java, NodeJS & Ruby)
PRICING Mindee Veryfi
Pricing Model 10c per page
8 fields only
8c per Document API call
up to 80 fields + 10 pages per API call for the same fixed price.
Per Page Pricing Per Page Per Document
Pre-Trained Fields 5 80
COMPANY Mindee Veryfi
SOC2 Type2 Certified No Yes
Locations Paris, Ile-de-France, France San Mateo, CA and Sydney, AU
Customer Reviews N/A 142 Reviews on Capterra and shortlisted as top performer & emerging favorite (see below)

🥊 Head to Head Test Drive




3/5 fields correct 5/5 fields correct
Note: Veryfi extracts many more fields down to line items but for comparison here, only 5 fields that Mindee extracts were compared.
Mindee struggles with receipts Veryfi owns receipts and even extracts line items!

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant: ❤️ Veryfi

Veryfi has been named by Capterra (a Gartner company) a Top Performer: highest scoring products in both popularity and user ratings which are loved by their users. Read more >

The 2021 Capterra Shortlist with Veryfi

The choice is clear..

If you care about data privacy, speed, and accuracy of your data extraction then see the Veryfi experience below.

👇 Veryfi Experience 👇

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