Linked Accounts

May 5, 2017
2 mins read
Linked Accounts

    Linked Accounts is a means to connect and share documents (both-ways or one-way) with more than 1 party. From personal to business it’s more fun together when Veryfi helps you work better together and gain transparency in real-time across your team/s.

    Linked accounts use cases

    Household Family / Budget

    Better insights of your households combined spending habits. You can invite your Spouse or children to share the receipts with. If you keep the ‘Is Admin’ switch on during Invite, everyone in your circle sees the receipts. If you switch it off, only you see everyone’s receipts.

    My Team workflow concept for family budgeting

    Business Owner:

    Track your employee business spend activity. Invite your employees to your Veryfi Admin account to gain insights into their spending habits. But make sure to turn off the ‘Is Admin’ switch so only you see everyones receipts.

    My Team workflow concept for business operations


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    Linking your first account

    It’s super easy to connect others to your account from within the Veryfi mobile application.

    1. Click on More > Linked Accounts

    2. Press + to start the process.

    My Team invite is inside mobile More viewList of My Team members

    3. Then in the Documents view you will see additional receipts from your team with appropriate color coding.

    List of receipts recorded by a linked account from My TeamReceipt recorded by a linked account from My Team

    Few things to remember to make sure Linked Accounts works

    (a) All parties who will to be linked need to be on the PRIME/+ plans and
    (b) All parties invited by the admin need to make sure they accept the invite in the email to connect to the admin.

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