bluQube Partners with Veryfi to Add AI-Powered OCR API Technology to the bluQube Accounting Software

February 9, 2022
2 mins read
bluQube Partners with Veryfi to Add AI-Powered OCR API Technology to the bluQube Accounting Software

    Today bluQube and Veryfi announced a partnership to cut data entry times for bluQube accounting software users by up to 90%. bluQube joins a rapidly growing roster of software companies that are incorporating the Veryfi AI-powered OCR API technology into their own solutions.

    Veryfi technology will integrate with the bluQube accounting software to extract receipt and invoice information, minimizing the amount of manual data input required. Veryfi can reduce time spent on data entry by up to 90%. As a result, bluQube customers will enjoy a faster, streamlined process that enables more value-added work.

    Without automated document processing technology, the purchase invoice process may involve receiving the invoice by email, opening the attached file, manually entering all of the data, and attaching the invoice in a system of record. However, with Veryfi’s OCR and AI-based data extraction, the manual steps are eliminated and the invoice is inserted directly into bluQube, resulting in significant time savings.

    With the fast, accurate, and secure Veryfi platform, unstructured documents are captured and automatically transformed into structured data in just a few seconds. And, software developers can quickly integrate Veryfi capabilities into their mobile and desktop applications with standardized APIs and SDKs.

    Veryfi customers regularly see data processing time savings of 10 minutes per document, lowering invoice processing costs by 75%, with 30% fewer errors. By applying Veryfi’s intelligent data extraction to thousands or even millions of documents, companies of all sizes can substantially reduce costs while improving customer experience and increasing revenue.

    Start eliminating manual data entry with Veryfi, and see how our platform turns unstructured documents into structured data, in seconds. To learn more and try Veryfi for yourself, sign up for a free trial.