Veryfi OCR API Self-Serve Portal Walk-Through ? Veryfi OCR API Self-Serve Portal Walk-Through ? April 28, 2020 - You heard about Veryfi OCR API for Data Extraction but didn’t know how to get started? Wonder no longer. Here is a short video which cover’s Veryfi’s Self-Serve Portal and how to get started with data extraction in under 5 minutes minus any technical know-how. The walk-through below covers all the listed functionality and even […]
Veryfi Lens in Detail June 19, 2019 - The Veryfi Lens is a way for you to Collect documents in a secure manner, backed by real-time machine extraction. Veryfi Lens is available in every Veryfi app but the NEW Veryfi Lens is available in v2.1.1+ sporting a new camera experience and features. Please upgrade if you are running an old version of Veryfi […]
Lines items from receipts, bills & invoices June 19, 2019 - Machine based bookkeeping: Extracting lines items (SKUs) from receipts, bills & invoices
Capture Data from a Receipt or Invoice in 5 Lines of Code June 9, 2020 - If you’re looking for real-time data extraction from receipts and invoices including line items, look no further, you’re in the right place 🙂 Before we dive into the details let’s agree on the terminology first. Real-Time Test There are a lot of applications on the market that promise real-time solutions to capture data from receipts and […]
Sync Veryfi with QuickBooks Desktop Sync Veryfi with QuickBooks Desktop May 12, 2020 - Realtime receipt collection and data extraction with expense reporting integrated with your QuickBooks Desktop in seconds — Veryfi removes all the complexity so you can take care of business. Automation Offline Meets Online Bridge the offline accounting world with powerful tools built for teams in the field incurring business expenses. Expense Coding Expenses coded to […]
Getting Started Checklist: Video for Veryfi Time & Expense Apps May 4, 2020 - Veryfi is a system of record you and your team can trust to manage expenses, automate data extraction from receipts & invoices, and more. If you need help getting started with Veryfi’s Time & Expense Management Bookkeeping apps then this video is perfect for you. You will learn about the the onboarding process, what to […]
Veryfi for Accountants April 21, 2020 - Veryfi for Accountants simplifies your life and automates all the boring parts of bookkeeping by providing you with tools you can trust to securely manage your clients’ books and automate your practice with bleeding edge technology. Veryfi is a system of record you and your team can trust to manage expenses, automate data extraction from […]
US-APAC VCS & STARTUPS ADAPTING TO COVID-19 US-APAC VCS & Startups Adapting To COVID-19 April 13, 2020 - Join Silicon Valley Bank & Horizon Connect along with esteemed US-APAC investors & founders for an exclusive discussion concerning the adjustments startups are making in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Veryfi’s cofounder Ernest Semerda will be on the featured panelists. Hear about his prior experience going through the 2009 recession & H1N1 pandemic at Coupons, […]
OCR Line Item data extraction from Bills, Invoices & Receipts in seconds April 10, 2020 - Whether you are a construction company that needs to extract line items for job costing bookkeeping or a restaurant in need of understanding supply purchases for forecasting, Veryfi is the right solution for you. Veryfi is one of the few companies in the world that can extract line items from receipts and invoices using machines […]
How to Create Reports using Veryfi Mobile App How to Create Reports using Veryfi Mobile App April 8, 2020 - You can generate an expense report or receipt report straight from your Veryfi mobile app. It’s easy. It’s available 247. And it’s informative. A tool you can truly trust. The video below demonstrates how this is achieved on both iOS and Android devices. Mobile Reports Documents Report A documents report reports on money in & […]
Landlord Vision Landlord Vision uses Veryfi to free busy landlords from admin tasks April 3, 2020 - Landlords are busy. They have a unique responsibility to their communities to keep the homes they own in working order, which means they can never take their foot off the pedal. Landlords juggle so many different priorities at once that managing their time is crucial. The innovators behind Landlord Vision in the UK know this […]
How to Scan & Process Receipts in Real-Time using Veryfi Mobile App How to Scan Receipts using Veryfi Mobile App April 1, 2020 - Scanning receipts is easy. But doing all the data entry afterwards for expense management is draining and time consuming. But now with Veryfi. Snap and in a blink of an eye Veryfi has finished processing, did all the data entry for you and event categorized the transaction. Welcome to the future. Experience the world’s fastest […]

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