Document Capture: 3 Ways to Collect Receipts & Invoices for Processing Document Capture: 3 Ways to Collect Receipts & Invoices for Processing (API Portal Ed.) June 30, 2021 - Document capture is an important and essential part of any data extraction. A frictionless way to collect documents that enables the user to capture, extract and reap value instantly is paramount to getting things done right. Here are the top 3 methods of document capture we recommend you start with to start extracting data from […]
Veryfi + NVC Series A Funding Veryfi Raises $12M Series A to Unlock the Power of Unstructured Data April 26, 2021 - SAN MATEO, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today Veryfi, an AI-based data transformation platform for enterprise and technology corporations, announced a $12M Series A financing. The round was led by NewView Capital, with participation from TI Platform, Willard Family and existing investor Act One Ventures. With the funding, Jazmin Medina of NewView Capital will be […]
Code with Matt Node.JS Node.js SDK: OCR Invoices & Receipts in Seconds July 13, 2021 - When it comes to real-time data extraction, Veryfi has you covered. Just upload a photo or file through the Veryfi Node.js SDK, and you can extract the data in real-time. Let’s take a look at what Veryfi offers you. Real-Time Processing Veryfi offers you a real-time solution to capture data from invoices and receipts. That […]
Euroradio: Veryfi's Series A $12M + being 1st Belarusian YC Alumni Euroradio Interview with Dmitry Birulia: Veryfi’s $12M Funding, YC May 8, 2021 - Dmitry Birulia (Veryfi Cofounder) speaks with Euroradio about Veryfi’s Series A $12M funding and being 1st Belarusian to go through Y Combinator (YC W17). About Veryfi Veryfi empowers organizations to transform their unstructured data in the form of receipts, invoices, purchase orders, checks, W2s and other business documents into structured data at scale. Their suite […]
Document Types Veryfi OCRs Document Types Support April 24, 2021 - Most of the information to make better decisions sits inside your company’s documents. Data in your documents is the new oil. Using the Veryfi Platform, you can now find meaning in these unstructured documents in seconds. Veryfi AI is pre-trained to extract a wealth of data fields from the following documents in seconds without the […]
SDK Escáner de Documentos para Android [Código con Alejo] SDK Escáner de Documentos para Android [Código con Alejo] #spanish March 23, 2021 - Veryfi Lens es un SDK de escáner de documentos de Android que usa una bonita cámara personalizada (framework SDK) que puede implementar en su aplicación de Android para darle habilidades de visión artificial a los productos móviles en minutos. En solo unas pocas líneas de código. Veryfi Lens minimiza el proceso de captura de documentos […]
Pattern Matching Data Extraction OCR Text Now Veryfi Users Can Run Regex for Parsing Serious Amounts of Data Fast March 11, 2021 - Data transformation. Data extraction. Regex patterns and target strings. Did we lose you? Whether or not these terms are familiar, they are essential to what we do at Veryfi and what Veryfi can do to simply your work life and give you back valuable time. And don’t worry, we will make it easy to understand […]
Veryfi Lens + Your Android App = Document Scanner Superpowers [How to] Mobile Android Document Scanner SDK [Code with Andy] March 8, 2021 - Veryfi Lens is an Android Document Scanner SDK; a beautiful custom camera binary (framework SDK) you can drop-into your Android App to give it mobile product machine vision superpowers in minutes. Veryfi Lens simplifies the process of document capture and data extraction with only a handful of lines of code. Who is this for? If […]
Veryfi's Data Intelligence Veryfi’s Data Intelligence January 21, 2021 - Veryfi AI is trained to extract out-of-the-box a wealth of fields from documents like invoices, bills and receipts in seconds using machines end-to-end. For you, this means you will be up and running much faster than alternative solutions on the market. After you signup for the Veryfi API self-serve portal with just your email address, […]
Intelligently Capture Multiple Receipts & OCR Documents in Real-Time Capture Multiple Receipts with 1 Snap January 11, 2021 - Veryfi’s Data Capture & Data Extraction comes with smarts you will fall in love with. Veryfi Lens AI has an eye for your receipts and invoices to make sure it captures documents and not your dog or cat or sock. This improves the capture of documents streamlining all your backoffice operations from reconciliation to business […]

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