Veryfi Lens in Detail June 19, 2019 - The Veryfi Lens is a way for you to Collect documents in a secure manner, backed by real-time machine extraction. Veryfi Lens is available in every Veryfi app but the NEW Veryfi Lens is available in v2.1.1+ sporting a new camera experience and features. Please upgrade if you are running an old version of Veryfi […]
Lines items from receipts, bills & invoices June 19, 2019 - Machine based bookkeeping: Extracting lines items (SKUs) from receipts, bills & invoices
Veryfi OCR API Neural ML Network Veryfi OCR API Test Drive December 17, 2019 - Veryfi OCR API processing ACE Hardware invoice using OCR & ICR, applying ML model to understand context and then classifies the transaction in real-time. And also for retail. Watch how fast Veryfi OCR API extracts data from a store receipt. Give your software superpowers using Veryfi OCR API and; – Comply with CCPR Californian data-privacy […]
QBConnect QBConnect Demo of Veryfi OCR API November 7, 2019 - Watch how fast & accurate Veryfi extracts all the data from an Invoice (vendor, dates, costs, line-items etc) in 3-5 seconds. No data entry required. Snap and rejoice! and then contrast that to the “Manual Method” which takes a human 10 minutes to do. This Technology is now available for Enterprise firms as: Veryfi OCR […]
Gusto Partnership Announcement July 9, 2019 - SAN MATEO, Calif., [DATE OF RELEASE: 07/09/2019] — Veryfi is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Gusto. Our partnership combines the power of Veryfi’s U.S. construction bookkeeping platform with Gusto’s innovative people platform for small business: full-service payroll, benefits, and HR tools. Why this partnership makes sense Gusto is refreshingly human Like Veryfi, Gusto […]
July 2019 Newsletter Update from Veryfi July 3, 2019 - Dear friends, we have an exciting July 2019 update! NEW: Line item extractions from receipts, bills & invoices Over the last 2 years we have been building software to automate bookkeeping. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. One of the recent advancements we made is in extracting line items from receipts, bills […]
Bank Feeds powered by Yodlee for Veryfi Banks supported in Veryfi’s Bank Feeds July 2, 2019 - Veryfi comes with support for bank feeds reconciliation, right out of the box. Veryfi can fetch data from the list of banks below. Our Bank Feed Partner is Yodlee, the leader in structured data feeds holding formal business relationships with the largest financial institutions. Below is a long list of all the Banks which Veryfi […]
Veryfi Lens FAQ June 19, 2019 - Try our new Frequently Asked Question page on Veryfi Lens: Veryfi Lens Explained Get Veryfi Lens for your App Veryfi Lens Permissions to avoid a blank canvas How to take multiple photos one after the one How to correct distorted images Embed Veryfi Lens into your App If something is missing then please let us […]
Embed Veryfi Lens Framework into your mobile App June 19, 2019 - Veryfi’s custom camera (Veryfi Lens) for iOS & Android abstracts the complexity of pre-processing on the device with receipt detection & auto crop, distortion correction, et al. This is the identical smart custom camera used in all Veryfi products. Now you can have the same leading edge technology embedded inside your mobile app. What you […]
Backup your Scanned Photos June 19, 2019 - The Veryfi Lens is a way for you to Collect documents in a secure manner, backed by real-time machine extraction. Every submission using Veryfi Lens sends the document to Veryfi API in the cloud for extraction and labelling of data in real-time. The photo you took is now in the cloud. However, if you want […]

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