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February 20, 2018
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    Travel expense reporting demo by Navan and Veryfi. Easy Travel Expense Reporting with Navan and Veryfi May 12, 2023 - Traveling for business can be both enjoyable and productive, but the hassle of manually entering travel expenses can put a damper on the experience. In this light-hearted and entertaining demo that was featured live on stage at Money 20/20 in 2022, Navan (formerly Trip Actions) and Veryfi showcase how their innovative solutions can eliminate the […]
    Veryfi uses deterministic AI for delivering maximum OCR accuracy Deterministic Algorithms vs Nondeterministic Algorithms in OCR November 9, 2023 - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has revolutionized the way businesses handle data, enabling the extraction of valuable information from images, scanned documents, and other sources. In the realm of OCR, the debate between deterministic and nondeterministic algorithms has been ongoing, with proponents on both sides advocating for the superiority of their chosen approach. In this […]
    a man looking at the selection of products at a grocery store The Crucial Role of UPC Product Matching for Cross-Basket Insights October 5, 2023 - Understanding consumer behavior hasn’t always been clear-cut. Every CPG brand faces the same conundrum: there’s no surefire way to peer into the shopping carts of customers, uncover the exact products they’re buying, and spot emerging purchasing patterns. That is, until now. Veryfi is changing the game for CPG brands, allowing brands to create strategies for […]
    veryfi product updates 2023 New Product Expansions: Wrapping Up Summer 2023 September 21, 2023 - As the summer draws to a close nearing the autumnal equinox happening this Friday night of September 22nd, we want to take a moment to reflect on the exciting achievements in our product roadmap that we have accomplished. This summer, our focus has been on creating new document possibilities, extraction capabilities, and fraud & security […]
    Veryfi ocr api for bank statements Introducing a Game-Changer for Bank Reconciliation: Veryfi OCR for Bank Statements September 13, 2023 - In today’s dynamic business environment, the fusion of precision, speed, and adaptability in financial management is pivotal. We’re thrilled to introduce a revolutionary advancement in financial acumen. Last week, Veryfi’s groundbreaking OCR API ushered in a new era by introducing an unparalleled capability: the ability to capture and scan bank statements with unprecedented accuracy and […]
    Veryfi SSO enhances security and adds layered protection to existing security protocols Enhance Security using Veryfi SSO Integration: A Vision of Simplicity August 29, 2023 - In an era where digital interactions govern our lives, the sheer multitude of usernames and passwords required to access various platforms can turn into an unrelenting headache. At the same time, security cannot stay an abstract concept as it is the cornerstone of trust in technology. Amidst this landscape, the significance of Single Sign-On (SSO) […]
    AnnexCloud and Veryfi webinar. Explore the challenges CPG brands are experiencing with gathering consumer behavior and adapting to evolving market trends in this webinar. Coming Soon on September 6: Veryfi and Annex Cloud Webinar August 23, 2023 - Unveiling CPG Customer Insights: Leveraging Receipt Scanning and Loyalty for Deeper Engagement and Data-driven Decisions Explore the challenges that CPG brands are experiencing in understanding consumer behavior, adapting to evolving market trends, and maintaining brand loyalty.  Gain: Tune In Live on September 6th
    Veryfi cpg loyalty industry white paper Industry White Paper: CPG Loyalty August 11, 2023 - CPG Brands Turning Loyalty Programs into Revenue Machines Read this white paper to understand the evolving landscape of the CPG loyalty industry, the specific product designs that lower user satisfaction, the specific loyalty marketing sequences that lower brand confidence, and other revenue stoppers. Discover how Veryfi’s complete loyalty marketing toolkit (with Veryfi Lens Receipt Capture […]
    AI hallucinations depicted as a person using a computer inputting and outputting false and confusing data Understanding LLM AI Hallucinations in Data Extraction Models July 7, 2023 - In recent years, one element of artificial intelligence that has seen a whirlwind of momentum and innovation is the field of Large Language Models (LLMs). These complex systems, based on neural networks, aim to revolutionize the way machines understand and interact with human language. Platforms such as GPT-4 have heralded a new era of NLP […]
    Bank info fields play a vital role in various financial applications, including fintech apps, banking systems, automated payments, direct deposits, fund transfers, account management, and international money transfers. Bank Information Fields June 29, 2023 - Bank fields are the different pieces of information that banks store about their customers. Veryfi’s powerful OCR API can extract bank fields from common financial documents like invoices and checks. Bank Fields Category of Bank Fields Bank Fields Explained With the data associated with these fields, you can perform various banking operations such as transferring […]
    Vendor data fields are the pieces of information that are stored in a vendor master record. Vendor Fields June 29, 2023 - Possessing structured data on the vendors your firm regularly engages with holds significant potential in comprehending financial flows and optimizing vendor relationships. With the Veryfi APIs at your disposal, gaining these insights becomes a matter of seconds. By simply uploading your documents to the Veryfi portal, you gain immediate access to a wealth of data […]

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