Veryfi Interactive Mode Interactive API Docs #NowAvailable March 18, 2022 - Good news for API users, we have just released an Interactive API Docs feature in the Veryfi Portal (Hub). You can now try out Veryfi’s API while viewing the documentation directly on the Veryfi website. Interactive API Docs currently contain both v7 and v8 of Veryfi’s API for data extraction. Step 1 – Portal To […]
W-2 Tax Form Data Extraction W-2 Tax Form Data Extraction January 19, 2022 - W-2. It’s that time of the year. Tax season! Running accounting software is fun and rewarding when your customers are happy but also challenging when the request to automate the boring and tedious data extraction is brought up. Customers hate doing data entry and will often expect you to do it for them. The burden […]
SDKs for Veryfi OCR API SDKs for Veryfi OCR API September 15, 2021 - An SDK is a set of tools (pre-written code) for third-party developers (you) to use in your producing application/s using a particular framework or platform like the Veryfi API. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to engage with an API because all the heavy lifting of authentication, abstraction, etc… are all taken care of […]
motorcycle-racer Accelerating Time To Insight to Win Consumer Loyalty June 29, 2022 - I’ve been riding Enduro motorcycles for 15 years. If you too are a motorhead, then you already understand that, when you buy, you immediately start thinking about modifying it from stock components to high-performance aftermarket components that better meet your custom requirements. Before you have even driven it out of the shop, you are probably […]
invoice example Invoice Data Extraction June 29, 2022 - Invoices have a long and rich history, dating back to 3000 BC when Sumerian temple priests invented the cuneiform. The oldest invoice in modern history was for a painting sold in 1504. Creating these invoices required a lot of manual work, with most calculations done by hand. Today, computers take care of the calculations, but […]
Veryfi Logo Veryfi named Top 50 Company in Data Technology June 23, 2022 - In a recent blog post by Valuer, Veryfi was named a Top 50 Company in Data Technology. The list, in which Veryfi appears in 2nd position out of the 50 companies mentioned, included companies across lifecycle stages from early startup to well-established. Included in the blog post is a link to a free report, titled: […]
business-cards Business Card Data Extraction June 13, 2022 - In Japan, presenting a business card, or meishi, is a time-honored ritual. The exchange involves specific, formal requirements for holding the card, receiving the card, saying thank you and taking other actions that show respect and gratitude. Many other countries, such as China, Korea and Columbia, also have cultural expectations around business card etiquette. The […]
container-cargo-ship Bill of Lading Data Extraction June 11, 2022 - A bill of lading is one of the most important documents for the shipping of products materials around the world, whether purchased online or in a physical store. Between the moment the product leaves the manufacturing facility and the moment it ends up in the buyer’s hands, there are often multiple intermediaries: transport from the […]
health-insurance-medical-card Insurance Card Data Extraction June 10, 2022 - Was your grandfather’s wallet the size of a sandwich from a New York deli? It was probably overflowing with dollar bills, a driver’s license, credit cards, membership IDs and insurance cards, to name only a few of the items needed to negotiate his world. But in the digital era, most of this information can be […]
shopping-cart-full-with-cash-checks-background Consumer Packaged Goods Leaders are Gaining New Consumer Insights and Bolstering Loyalty Programs With Purchase Receipts June 2, 2022 - Artificial Intelligence emerges as consumer receipt capture technology of choice SAN MATEO, Calif., June 2, 2022– Veryfi, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform documents into structured data in just seconds, has added marquee customers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG)/Loyalty solution market – including a large retail property management company and a leading consumer […]
HSA FSA Receipt Data Extraction HSA/HCSA and FSA Receipt Data Extraction June 1, 2022 - The last time you went to the doctor’s office and made a payment, did you receive a receipt? Employees with HSA, HCSA or FSA accounts most likely did. These health  spending accounts are used to carefully track medical expenses so the patient can be reimbursed. However, reimbursement only takes place after the receipt is submitted, […]
CPG Receipt and FMCG Receipt Data Extraction CPG Receipt and FMCG Receipt Data Extraction May 31, 2022 - Happy customers are loyal customers, and cutting-edge digital technology can help keep customers happy. Research shows that 93 percent of consumers become repeat customers when a business provides great customer service.1 Additionally, more than half of consumers expect companies to use digital technology to accelerate and improve their customer experience.2 This means that accurately keeping […]
Hotel Folio Data Extraction Hotel Folio Data Extraction May 31, 2022 - Whenever staying at a hotel, you rarely need your wallet. Any purchases made are “billed to your room.” Then on the final morning of your stay before checkout, you receive a nice sheet of paper under the door listing all of your purchases. What makes this experience so simple? It all comes down to hotel […]

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