Veryfi for Accountants

April 21, 2020
2 mins read

Veryfi for Accountants simplifies your life and automates all the boring parts of bookkeeping by providing you with tools you can trust to securely manage your clients’ books and automate your practice with bleeding edge technology.

Veryfi is a system of record you and your team can trust to manage expenses, automate data extraction from receipts & invoices and even track time spent on Projects.

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Veryfi for Accountants comes with;

  • A centralized secure inbox to manage your clients’ books
  • Access to discounted Veryfi Products for your Clients
  • Your Accountant profile listed on the Trusted Advisor Circle Marketplace and
  • A Self-Serve Client Management Portal which simplifies your client onboarding. This includes client tools to automate their bookkeeping, receipts digitization, automated data entry, expense management, timesheets tracking, payroll via Gusto and much more.

Veryfi for Accountants Series Videos

How Veryfi differs from competitors

  • No humans in the loop. Unlike Expensify, Receipt Bank, Botkeeper and a host of other apps which use humans offshore to do data extraction, Veryfi is 100% machines end-to-end. You can tell by how fast and accurate it extracts data in seconds.
  • Customers Love Veryfi with 4.9 star rating on Capterra.
  • Intuit QBO Users Love Veryfi Integration with 4.7 star rating on Intuit Apps QBO Marketplace.
  • Local Human Support. Unlike others who outsource support offshore, Veryfi is 100% support from our Silicon Valley and Australian offices by people that work and understand the product. This means you get solid support by qualified experts.
  • Market leader in data extraction. Speed, accuracy and reliability is unmatched! Try Veryfi vs our competitors and see for yourself.
  • APIs for tech savvy accounting firms. This is another true test of pure software play and architecture of the Veryfi solution.

About Veryfi

Veryfi is a Leader in Bookkeeping Automation using the World’s Smartest, Fastest & Accurate Data Extraction AI engine available today. The AI engine performs data extraction in real-time and provides the administrators/financial controllers with real-time data insights into business and team activity. This means no waiting. No processing. Instant results and insights to make decisions now and not at the end of the month.