Invoice Data Entry into QuickBooks: Human vs Machine (Veryfi)

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Author: Ernest Semerda

Welcome to the future of data extraction from receipts, bills & invoices.

Veryfi’s OCR API extracts and categorizes receipts & invoices in 3-5 seconds down to the line-items. This is achieved using machines end-to-end. No human intervention at all.

The video below shows how modern firms focused on data-privacy can leap frog over their competitors with the most advanced and intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) & ICR (intelligent character recognition) data extraction API Platform available on the market today.

Things you can build using Veryfi OCR API

  • Real-Time Expense Management
  • Real-Time Bill Pay like Snap2Pay
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Backoffice Automation that is Future Proof Data-Privacy Compliant
  • InSights into Shopping Behavior and provide Coupons/Vouchers that are relevant to the customer

Go here and upload a receipt or invoice. See the results for yourself. If you like the results and want to explore this further then please reach out to Veryfi on

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