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Plan up to 25,000 transactions / mo

Minimum: $500 (buys 6,250 receipts, 3,125 invoices)
Then per Receipt: $0.08, Invoice: $0.16

No Contract (month-to-month billing)
Email & Private Slack Channel Support
Self-Service Portal with API Access
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Plan for 25,000+ (unlimited) transactions / mo

Sliding Price Rates when you reach scale.

SLA with Dedicated Account Manager
Portal with API + Lens (iOS & Android) Access
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Ready-to-Go! Out of the Box

You are seconds away from data extraction. Here’s a snapshot of Veryfi’s API Self-Serve Portal and what to expect when you signup for the 14 day trial with just your email.


Data Extraction Expert You Can Trust

Cost Reduction

Veryfi is a more economical solution than using offshore labor, especially during COVID-19 era. Moving to a secure & reliable backoffice solution is now a priority for most innovative firms.

Superior Accuracy

Veryfi leapfrogs humans-in-the-loop solutions multiple times in accuracy & reliability. While human solutions yield an average error rate of 27% for data extraction, Veryfi is a tiny 3%. And soon, will be 0 (machines learn).

Data Privacy First

Veryfi protects your customer’s PII with Veryfi Shield and complies with Data Privacy bills in a changing world.




Trusted by 30,000+ companies

Common Questions

Additional FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How does Pricing work?
Pricing is pay as you go, and you only pay for what you use. You can also set usage limits to protect against unexpected cost increases and review your current API usage on the Veryfi Platform console dashboard.
What is an API Transaction?
An API Transaction is a request to extract data from a single financial event that spans no more than 3 pages. Veryfi can support 3+ page financial events transactions but this will require a custom setup to compensate for the additional load of extracting large volume documents. Contact if you need this type of setup.
Which languages do you support?
English, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian Bokmal, Russian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese.
What do we do if my geography isn’t supported?
This is most likely due to low volume of data (receipts / invoices) from that geographic region. If you are willing to share data with us we will train our machine model to support your geography.
Is this really 100% machines end-to-end?
Yes. We have not seen humans capable of such feats extracting dozens of fields in seconds. Rule of thumb for identifying human-in-the-loop solutions is the SPEED and QUANTITY of data extracted from each document.
What data-privacy laws do you honor?
CCPA, HIPAA, & ITAR in the US, GDPR in EU and PIPEDA for Canada.
How do you differ from Competitors?
  • Veryfi OCR API is a fully baked solution. We do not need your data to train the system (unless it’s a region outside our support) and will honor any data processing agreement (DPA).
  • Veryfi OCR API accuracy surpasses our competitors. This is a hard problem to solve.
  • Veryfi OCR API extracts much more data than our competitors. Fields Veryfi Extracts.
  • Veryfi OCR API is much more economical than using humans-in-the-loop or template solutions.
What can I build using Veryfi OCR API?
  • Expense Management product with real-time data extraction from receipts.
  • Real-time Bill Payment ( Snap2Pay demo)
  • Give your ERP Superpowers by eliminating data entry for your customers.
  • Supercharge your Loyalty programs with personalized Coupons (vouchers) based on purchase behavior.
  • Invoice analytics to optimize company costs in real-time.
  • Automate your Accounting practice by automating bookkeeping.
Can I resell Veryfi OCR API in my country (outside of US)?
We assess each case on an individual basis. Please reach out to with your proposal including your background in sales and your idea for distribution in that geography.
Can I sell the Veryfi OCR API as an independent agent in the US?
Yes. We offer lucrative commission structures, provide sales material and help you succeed. Please send your resume to


Veryfi OCR API ~ The Expert in Real-Time Data Extraction

The Leader in Data Extraction - Invoice OCR API for Real-Time Data Extraction
  • Vendor name
    • Name
    • Address
    • Logo
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Website Url
    • VAT Number
    • ABN Number
    • Store Number
  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Cashback
  • Shipping cost
  • Tax (VAT, GST)
  • Tip
  • Total
  • Rounding
  • Category
  • Payment Method
    • Card Type
    • Card Number
  • Document Type
 (receipt vs bill)
  • Currency
  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Invoice Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Reference Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Service Start Date (or arrival in hotel folio)
  • Service End Date (or departure in hotel folio)
  • Account Number
  • Bill To
    • Name
    • Address
    • VAT Number
  • Ship To
    • Name
    • Address
  • Tracking Number
  • SKU level Line Items
    • Date
    • SKU
    • Description
    • Quantity
    • Unit of Measure
    • Price
    • Tax
    • Discount
    • Total
    • Type (food, product, alcohol,..)
  • Tax lines breakdown
    • Tax name
    • Tax rate %
    • Tax amount
  • Bank information
    • Bank name
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • IBAN
    • SWIFT / BIC


  • Vendor name
  • Total
  • Tax
  • Payment method
  • Date

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