What is the Value of a Receipt?

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Author: Dave Van Everen

Receipts contain valuable data that provides insight into consumer shopping behavior, price trends, brand or product affinities, and more. Since each receipt includes everything that a consumer purchased in one transaction, the line item details can reveal relationships between products, incentives, locations, times of day, and more. In this way, the receipts can be considered a valuable source of real-world cross-basket purchase data.

How receipts provide consumer insights

Watch this short video to learn exactly how receipts can provide consumer insights.

Download the infographic

If you’d like to download more details about the value of receipt data, we’ve produced an infographic that illustrates the fundamental concepts depicted in the video:

  • What Data Do Receipts Contain?
  • What Insights Do Receipts Provide?
  • How Can You Transform Insights Into Revenue Growth?
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