Transform Your Data Extraction App with Veryfi Technology

February 21, 2023
5 mins read
Transform Your Data Extraction App with Veryfi Technology

    Building Smart Mobile Apps with AI-Driven Technology

    This year, the chess community was surprised when the current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, declined to defend his title after holding it for nearly ten years, citing a lack of motivation. Carlsen’s team has been using AI to improve his chess skills, with the understanding that AI can help people make better decisions.

    Having inspiration and the right tools to achieve your goals is essential, and the same mindset applies to software development, just as in chess. Using Veryfi in your mobile app presents a golden opportunity to improve its performance by making it more secure, faster, and more accurate. By leveraging Veryfi’s AI capabilities, you can increase the likelihood of outstanding results in data capture, extraction, and classification.

    Chess is all about opportunities and how well you’re prepared to seize them. If you don’t take advantage of them, your opponent will. Using Veryfi can make your product smarter by leveraging the power of Veryfi Lens AI to select the best picture during document capture, leading to outstanding results in data extraction. As the saying goes in accounting, “rubbish in, rubbish out.” With Veryfi Lens, you can prevent rubbish from entering the system.

    Maximize Accuracy and Efficiency with Veryfi’s Automated Data Extraction

    During a game of chess, it’s customary to ask yourself, “Why am I planning to make this move?” Consider the following questions: Does this move provide enough value? Is it a risky move? Is there a better move available? What will the board look like after this move? 

    Similarly, in software development and technology products, you will exercise a similar thought pattern in unpacking the value software purchases provide. In addition, you will want to identify a great software purchase by looking at the frequency of product updates, as technology moves fast and updates should be frequent. 

    You will also want to consider the quality of the support team, as the best software has the best support teams you can rely on to solve or answer your concerns. Another factor to consider is how fast and easy it is to implement the software, as the best software should feel like a walk in the park.

    How Veryfi’s Developer-Friendly API Makes Mobile App Development Easier and Faster

    In professional chess, there are three different modalities: Blitz, Rapid, and Classic. For new players, Blitz is often the most entertaining because of the fast pace and time pressure. Each player only has three minutes to perform all their moves, and a player can win by checkmate or if their opponent runs out of time. In the software industry, speed is just as crucial, and you need to move quickly to stay ahead of your competitors. 

    That’s why using a Day 1-ready solution like Veryfi to automate your document capture and data extraction is essential. By avoiding slow and manual data entry, you can save time and increase efficiency, just like in online Bullet chess, where each player has only one minute to perform their moves. To win in the software industry, speed and cadence are key, and with Veryfi, you can prioritize speed and gain a competitive advantage.

    Secure and Efficient: How Veryfi’s Bank-Grade Security and Compliance Protects Your Data

    Veryfi’s bank-grade security and compliance, including ongoing processes and compliance monitoring like SOC2 Type2, ensures your data is protected. Just as in professional chess, where players use the latest tools and techniques to surprise their opponents and set themselves up for success, in software development, you can save time and focus on results by using existing knowledge and creating serendipitous moments. 

    Developing a mobile application that retrieves data from an image or PDF requires knowledge of image processing and machine learning algorithms. Off-the-shelf tools are useful for proof of concept, but they don’t scale in production. It’s better to achieve success quickly and efficiently, like a checkmate in three moves, rather than spending more time and effort on additional unnecessary steps.

    What can I build with Veryfi?

    Using Veryfi’s tools and SDKs, you can build a wide range of apps, including: 

    • Cashback App
    • Expense management App
    • Loyalty App
    • CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company App
    • Accountant App
    • Bank App 
    • Bill split App
    • Financial App
    • Scanner App
    • Any OCR/Document App

    But that’s just the beginning. Veryfi customers are also leveraging the platform to develop new business models around insights, predictions, and more. With the ability to extract various types of documents, including receipts, invoices, checks, w2s, w9s, and business cards, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, you can:

    • Automate the processes for your campaigns
    • Speed up the procedures for ticket approvals
    • Generate real-time expense reports 
    • Identify and discard irrelevantrubbish data
    • Store and manage your expenses information in the cloud
    • Gain valuable insights into your customers and consumers
    • Detect and identify duplicated information
    • Automate matching between bank transactions and receipts
    • Reduce manual entry errors and accounting mistakes
    • Save accounting time and reduce costs
    • Improve your banking services by streamlining processes

    With Veryfi, the world is your oyster, and the possibilities are limitless.

    Strategic Thinking: Supercharging Your Development with Veryfi’s Public SDKs

    Just as in a game of chess, where strategic moves are crucial for victory, developers involved in decision-making must also think strategically to save development time and impress their superiors. 

    With Veryfi’s more than 20 public SDKs available in various programming languages, developers can access superpowers that allow them to solve problems instantly and launch their products to customers faster.

    Creating an Expense App in 4 Steps with Veryfi’s Android SDK

    Step 1:  Register at as a developer to get credentials (API key, username, client id)

    Step 2: Create a new android project and import Veryfi-Android SDK ( ) in your gradle dependencies maven

    dependencies {

        implementation ‘com.veryfi:veryfi-android:1.0.2’


    Setup the credentials during the creation of Veryfi Client

    Step 3: Create a recyclerview. This is an android component to show the information ( to list the expenses using:

    Create a detail view (Optional) using:

    Create edit and delete options using (Optional):

    Step 4: Create a button to load images from the gallery and process them using:

    Just One More Thing

    Checkmate! How easy was that? We built an expense app in just 4 steps!

    Raise the bar again and explore Veryfi Lens for document capture that’s out of this world. Visit here to learn more.