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How to connect Intuit's QuickBooks Desktop to Veryfi in 30 seconds 

Veryfi takes the stress out of bookkeeping, even when using offline software such as Intuit QuickBooks Desktop. We’ll show you how to collect receipts and bills using the Veryfi mobile app and then send them to your QuickBooks Desktop account.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note several things. First, you must start an account with Veryfi to access Connected Apps like QuickBooks. Signing up is free and takes less than 30 seconds. Learn more about member benefits here.

Second, the instructions below make references to “IIF” files. This file format was developed by Intuit and stands for “Intuit Interchange Format.” These files enable you to import lists and transactions into your QuickBooks account.

Step by Setup integration

1. Inside Veryfi app, navigate to “More > Connected Apps”.

Connected Apps showing QuickBooks Online integration

2. From the list, press “QuickBooks Desktop” to begin the integration process.

QuickBooks Desktop integration with Veryfi started

3. Exporting IIF with Chart of Accounts

At this point, you need to export an IIF file of your Chart of Accounts, Customers and Classes from your QuickBooks Desktop account and have it emailed to Veryfi. The screenshot below shows the necessary steps to take inside QuickBooks Desktop.

After you email the IIF file, allow 5 minutes of processing time. You’ll be notified when this is complete through both a message on your phone and an email. Veryfi parses your IIF file and creates same list of Categories you have in QuickBooks and populates the  Customers under Billable Contacts in Veryfi. If yuo are using Classes in QuickBooks, you will see them as Tags in Veryfi.

Now you can finish the setup process inside the Veryfi app, or on your computer here: Connected Apps.

4. Stamp Receipts With Your Purchase Account

Inside the Veryfi app under each document detail view, you will now notice an option to select “QuickBooks Desktop Settings”

Pressing this allows you to specify which Purchase Account to direct your receipts to. These accounts are the ones in your QuickBooks Desktop.

5. Importing Receipts Into QuickBooks Desktop

First, generate an Veryfi report using the IIF option as the Report Format type. Press “Request a Report” and a report with the IIF file will be emailed to you within 5 minutes.

6. Importing IIF With Transactions

The report email you created will contain the IIF file with your transactions. It will also include instructions on how to import that file into your QuickBooks Desktop account. The actual receipts are not included in the IIF file (this is a limitation of the IIF format). However, the notes field for each transaction will have a direct link to the Veryfi server so you can download receipts.

And We’re Done. All your purchases and bills are now available inside your QuickBooks Desktop account, as shown in this graphic.

Fast, reliable, secure

Veryfi is run by machines, not humans. We believe automation is the key to accuracy, safety, and privacy. And these machines understand your expenses and the data on receipts, making them 100% accurate.

And when you use QuickBooks with Veryfi, we don’t store any of your login credentials. You will log in once and establish a secure connection to QuickBooks, per Intuit’s partner integration process. All communication is done over a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL), and you will see a security bar on your device during the app connection process.

The Veryfi team comprises experts in engineering, security, and privacy. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns, further questions related to Connected Apps and QuickBooks, or just want to chat.

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