Workspace for Teams

August 18, 2020
1 min read

Workspace for Teams brings spend transparency across your organization.

As a manager or owner, with Veryfi, you can now understand where and how much money is being spend and by who. Especially during Covid pandemic, being on top of your expenses is critical to business survival. Don’t be that owner who didn’t take action and regretted it.

The traditional means of keeping track of company expenses is to send them to a single entry point, often a finance controller. In smaller organizations it might be the owner. This is;

  • Time burden on everyones time doing mundane tasks that should be automated,
  • It creates long delay between expense reviews and
  • Expenses are reported out of context so additional time is required chasing employees to understand what where and how.

With Veryfi you can fix all that;

  • Automate by removing the manual data entry burden freeing your finance teams,
  • Receive expenses in real-time to get insights into your business activity and
  • Understand the why and how to your company’s expenses.

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