Features Lab Explained

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Author: Ernest Semerda

Features Labs has now moved inside the Veryfi Lens Menu as Settings. This means all the great features we had in Features Lab are now a Setting. Plus there are a many more new features.

Have a feature you want us to add? Let us know.

How to get to new Features Lab

  1. Start Veryfi app and press the COLLECT button to start Veryfi Lens. Veryfi’s custom camera starts.
  2. Press the Veryfi Lens Menu icon (ellipsis / … / 3 dots) in the top far right corner to open the Veryfi Lens Menu.
  3. In the Veryfi Lens Menu, press SETTINGS.

Veryfi Lens Settings

Veryfi Lens Settings
Packed full of great features to make your scanning experience so much better!
Backup Scans to Photo GaleryAs the name implies, every scan you make using Veryfi will now be backed up to your camera’s gallery folder.
Default: OFF
Auto Doc Detect & CropVeryfi Lens will find and track a document (receipt, invoice or bill) infront of the camera so it can automatically crop the noise out of the phone.
Auto Blur DetectionBlurred photos make reading document ineligible. This feature helps improve the quality of the scan you submit to Veryfi for real-time data extraction by informing you of blurred picture with an option to retry.
Auto Torch (ambience detection)If you don’t like your device’s light to automatically turn on when snapping receipts, then turn if off here.
Image Correction OptionInside the Lens app is a powerful image correction algorithm. Use it to fix distorted images.
Handsfree document CaptureIf you don’t like pressing the big blue button to snap a photo of your receipts then let the software do it for you. Note, receipt detection has to be activated to help with the confidence levels when to auto snap a photo.
Collect Category & Tags UpfrontYou can overwrite Veryfi’s machine allocated Categorization and Tagging by specifying what the document you are about to push should be Categorized and/or Tagged as.
After Scan Close CameraThe View to navigate to after the end of each Collection (scan).

If you have questions please also check out our Veryfi Lens FAQ page or contact our friendly support team on support@veryfi.com

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