Are digital receipts accepted by ATO/IRS?

December 20, 2016
2 mins read
Are digital receipts accepted by ATO/IRS?

    Yes, tax office accepts digital receipts.

    IRS – Internal Revenue Service (U.S. gov)

    IRS LogoIRS has allowed electronic tax records and digital (scanned) receipts since 1997. But you must adhere to IRS guidelines governing “electronic storage systems.”. This means that the record of your receipt in digital form must be “look clear and legible” so should IRS require proof of expenses, they want to make sure they can read vendor’s name and address, transaction date and the amount paid.

    ATO – Australian Tax Office

    ATO LogoATO has allowed electronic tax records and digital (scanned) receipts since 2005. The ATO Ruling 2005/9 states that as taxpayer you should take steps to minimize the risks of:

    “inadvertent destruction or corruption of electronic records;”
    “unauthorized tampering with electronic records; and”
    “the possibility that electronic records and operating systems will become obsolete, due to constant upgrading or changing of computer systems.”

    What does this all mean for you?

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