Money In + Money Out

January 24, 2018
1 min read

You can now track Money In (Income) and other sources of revenue inside Veryfi alongside the trusty Money Out (Expenses).

Web Dashboard

We are introducing new charts, insights etc into our Dashboard. The 1st change you would have seen is the introduction of Money In charts.

Money In & Money Out in the Dashboard

Web Documents

You can filter your documents by Money Out or Money In. By default we kept in on the “Both” tab to avoid any disruptions.

Money In & Money Out filters in Documents view

How to tag a Document with Money In or Money Out

Below you can see the Mobile interface (left) and Web interface (right).
To get to these screens you need to navigate 1st to your Documents and then click on the Document to view it’s detail.

Tagging a document with Money In or Money Out

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