Share your data with your CPA/CFO

April 13, 2017
1 min read
Share your data with your CPA/CFO

    To speed up data sharing of your financial documents, you can invite your trusted advisor (accountant or bookkeeper) to access your books using Veryfi Hub. If you have never logged into the hub, don’t worry, its the same credentials as your mobile app.

    How to invite my CPA/CFO

    1. Login to Veryfi’s web portal:
    2. Once logged in, press your Account profile picture in the left menu or for direct link
    3. Now you will see a bunch of profile specific options and on the left side a button to generate a unique link you can give to your accountant or bookkeeper. Press it.
    4. Now give this invite link to your accountant. They will be directed to a registration form to signup. Once signed up, they will see only your data in real-time.

    This way you don’t need to be manually sending your receipts, bills and entries. Empower your trusted advisor with tools to get it from Veryfi Hub.