Rapid releases at massive scale

June 4, 2018
2 mins read
Rapid releases at massive scale

    Traditionally, deploying product or new features is a slow, complex & mentally draining process. Thus, deploying code to production comes with anxiety and a “hold your breath” mentality.

    Developers have to stop building, refocus & babysit the release process. You can already see why we believed this traditional process had to be automated. We wanted to remove these pains and turn releasing code into a background task that requires minimal mental drain.

    True to our vision

    Veryfi’s vision is to simplify, optimize and automate bookkeeping. Keeping true to our vision and culture, we automated code deployments to remove the pains of rapid code releases at scale. This means we deploy across 4 geographies daily, multiple times each day without a drop in experience or downtime.

    If you are a developer and wondering: “What about the database? How do you roll that back?” Well we’ve got that sorted also. But I’ll leave this for a future blog post.


    • Faster product updates & new features to your devices. When we start on your feature request it gets released faster — that’s days/weeks not months.
    • Higher frequency of updates to your devices without a negative experience — bug fixes go out in minutes or hours! and…
    • Fewer product downtime because there are less things that can go wrong with a release that’s 100% powered by machines.

    3-Part Series

    Below is a series of articles which explain in detail how we achieved this feat at Veryfi and how you can do the same. Enjoy!

    If you have questions or want to learn more about this, then please reach out to us on support@veryfi.com